“Treno dei sapori” train in Italy that serves up delicacies of the regions through which it passes

In Italy, il Treno di Sapori — or “Train of Taste” — offers gastronomic excursions featuring delicacies of the regions it passes through.

The Train of Taste travels on Italy’s Brescia-Edolo railways from Iseo through the Franciacorta region along Lake Iseo and through Valle Camonica. As it travels, tourists on its two cars can not only enjoy the scenery, but they can also taste typical products and dishes of the regions they see, accompanied by local wines. Professional guides are on hand to curate the sensory experience, and both electric cars included in the specially refurbished train are equipped with audio and video broadcasting systems, as well as external cameras that give passengers a large-screen view of the landscape passing by.

With a capacity of 83 passengers, the Train of Taste prices its excursions at EUR 54. Entrepreneurs in scenic regions around the world: be inspired!

Website: www.area3v.com/treno-dei-sapori
Contact: info@trenodeisapori.it

Spotted by: Gabriella Piergianni for http://www.springwise.com/

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