15.0% Ice Cream Spoon

It is not an easy task to try to scoop out the rock hard frozen ice cream straight out of the freezer. The spoon they give you at the store seems too fragile and the regular spoon may hurt your hand. You may experience a psychic spoon bending! But you can’t wait till your ice cream becomes softer. The ice cream spoon from the 15.0% solves your frustration.
The plump shape of the spoon fits right into your palm, making the whole palm, not just your fingertips, wrapped around it so when you dig into the rock hard ice cream, your hand will not hurt.
The spoon is made of solid aluminum. With a high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the temperature of the hand holding the spoon will slowly melt the ice cream making it easier to scoop it out.
You no longer have to wait for your ice cream to get softer!


Size w105×d26×h14mm  Weight 40g  Material Aluminum (Finish : Polish)


The figure 15.0 % comes from the composition of ice cream. Japanese regulation stated as “ ice cream = 15.0% milk solids”. We wanted our brand to share the image of ice cream.
Designed by:
Naoki_TERADA.jpg Naoki TERADA

Architect and designer

Graduated from Architecture Course, Engineering Department, Meiji University in 1989.
Duty at the Design Offices in Australia and Italy
Studied at Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and completed the diploma in 1994.
Made activities mainly for the designs of the architecture, the interior, the furniture and the products after the return back to Japan.
Established Terada Design First Class Authorized Architect Office in 2003.


Winner of The Good Design Prize

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