Regular glass of wine ‘helps prevent thinning bones just like drugs’

Good news for all women who are winelovers!

Researchers concluded that one or two glasses of wine a day worked well as drugs at maintaining bone strength.

A review team from the International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research found regular moderate intake of alcohol after menopause helped maintain bone strength. The experts, who analysed a study by the University of Oregon, concluded that abstaining from drinking led to a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Instead modest drinking could work just as well as some drugs, suggested the review, which was published in the Menopause journal.

Hundreds of thousands of postmenopausal women take drugs called bisphosphonates each day to help combat thinning bones. This meant alcohol was reducing the loss of old bone which improved the balance between old and new bone, thus maintaining strength. The latest analysis, which adds supports the conclusion’s of previous studies, reviewed the study of 40 healthy postmenopausal women aged around 56. The latest review found women who daily drank about two small glasses of wine – the equivalent of 19g of alcohol a day – had a drop in the loss of old bone.

This in turn improved the balance with their new bones and helped maintain strength. Later, their “bone turnover” improved after the women were asked to stop drinking. But a day after they began drinking again, their bone turnover was once again reduced. One reviewer said: “The results suggest an effect of moderate alcohol consumption similar to the effects of bisphosphonates.”

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