Cook it raw in Poland

Cook it raw in Lapland. From left: Chefs René Redzepi, Daniel Patterson and David Chang forage for ingredients in the woods near the town of Levi, Finland. Photo: Erik Refner

From 25 – 30 August, Cook it Raw (CIR) is reappearing, after the deep immersion with Japanese culture in Ishikawa Prefecture, in the northeast of Poland, at Suwalki Region, for its fifth edition in three years.

In Suwalki Region, an ethnic mosaic of many peoples and faiths inhabits a landscape of exceptional purity. The Region provides therefore the perfect setting within which to explore the concept of culture as a constant flow of influence.

In this Polish rendition, CIR is pairing a dozen of the most influential and innovative chefs (between them is also for the first time a Slovenian chef – Ana Roš, who is also the only women between the chefs), native hunters, farmers, cooks and artists. Together, they will share customs and trade ideas. The result will be a lasting cultural bridge, one uniting the past and future of Polish cuisine.

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