Franco Pepe, the legendary pizzaiolo from Caiazzo, is welcoming to his “Pepe in grani”

The great Franco Pepe

Franco Pepe, the legendary pizzaiolo from Caiazzo (Campania, Italy), who was till now working together with his brothers in Antica pizzeria Pepe, is starting his new chapter with opening of his own pizzeria “Pepe in grani” where he will, beside spoiling guests with the most delicious pizza, also share his knowledge with prosperous chefs and pizza-makers from around the world. It’s just a logical step forward for the artisan who has raised pizza making on another level.

Best pizzas are born here (Photo: Franco Pepe archive)

Franco Pepe is a legend. Some people even say he’s the best pizza-maker worldwide. Maybe he is. Pizza of this great pizzaiolo, who was born into a family where pizza is made since three generations, is delicious and unique, his ethics is highest you can imagine.  He is still doing his dough completely manually, with slow raising for at least 12 hours, without using any technology or electrical energy. His work doesn’t follow strict rules but tradition and intuition, with great attention to the selection and combination of flours, to the humidity level of the day, the temperatures, …

Franco’s famous calzone with curly endive (Photo: Luciano Furia)

The new restaurant/pizzeria, which is beautifully situated in the old part of Caiazzo in a 17. century building, will offer  92 places and a wonderful terrace with view which can be reserved in advance. Beside pizza there will be on menu also some traditional regional dishes. Also selection of wines and beer will be rich of regional specialities.

Preparation of the famous calzone with curly endive and calzone ready to eat (Photo: Luciano Furia)

Special part of the building will be dedicated to a laboratory where he plans to organise courses in which he will passionately share his rich knowledge and techniques with chefs and pizzamakers from all around the world.

Pizza Mastunicola by Franco Pepe (Photo: Luciano Furia)

Wonderful new challenges for Franco, his wife Rita and children Stefano and Francesca. I wish them all everything best and can’t wait to enjoy again their excellent pizza. After you try it, you’re enchanted, so don’t miss this wonderful experience!

Are you interested to learn from Franco Pepe? For pizza courses please contact:, +39 0823 862 718

“Pepe in grani”, Vico S.Giovanni Battista 3, 81013 Caiazzo (Ce), Italy

Margherita by Franco Pepe (Foto: L. Squadrilli)

4 Responses to “Franco Pepe, the legendary pizzaiolo from Caiazzo, is welcoming to his “Pepe in grani””
  1. I loved his pizzaS
    probably the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve been living, for many years, in Naples)

  2. Mark Pepe says:

    We are coming to Rome next week. Are there any of Franco’s restaurants in Rome?

    Mark Pepe (wonder if we’re related . . . .)

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