Leonardo by Slovenian winemaker Marjan Simčič proclaimed as Wine of the year in UK

I’m always happy to hear good news. This one is very special.

Leonardo 2005, the dessert wine of the Simčič winery (Marjan Simčič) was on this years Sommeliers Wine Awards in UK proclaimed as wine of the year.

Leonardo wine is produced with 5,000 kg of extraordinary Ribolla grapes that are hand picked and air dried for seven months in wooden barrels. During natural drying, these late picked grapes, that are fully mature and carefully selected, lose more than 90% of their weight, due to the slow drying process. The skin wrinkles (raisin aspect), the sugar and acid levels rise. The naturally obtained concentrations of sugar and other components give the wine a greater aroma and complexity. British sommeliers were simply blown away.

I’m proud of the Simčič family and am congratulating them with all my heart for their deserved success. This is a big achievement not only for them but also a wonderful demonstration, that Slovenian winemakers create excellent wines. I’m proud of you, Valeria & Marjan Simčič!

Read more about Leonardo here: http://www.simcic.si/en/leonardo/

And here is the entire article which was published in UK:



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