Perrier-Jouët unveils “Lost time” at Design Miami 2012

1887Perrier-Jouët is proud to unveil Lost Time by Glithero for Perrier-Jouët, a newly commissioned installation and exhibition space by London-based designers Glithero*, at Design Miami/ 2012**. Perrier-Jouët, the exclusive champagne partner and first time exhibitor of Design Miami/, invited Glithero to create an installation inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, a prominent theme at this year’s Design Miami/. The result is ‘Lost Time’ (Temps Perdu), a rare and enchanting experience that both challenges perception and offers an environment of transformation, with Perrier-Jouët Cellars as the main source of inspiration.

Lost Time debuted on Tuesday 4 December to high profile collectors, international press and VIP guests in a dedicated space at this year’s Design Miami/ fair. The new commission by Glithero is the result of Design Miami/’s brief for Perrier-Jouët to create a curated Salon project. The designers were chosen by Perrier-Jouët together with a panel of Design Miami/ experts. Perrier-Jouët chose Glithero because their work is inspired by the research of Nature, natural forms and structures imbibed by the values of the Art Nouveau era.

“We chose Glithero as they understood and captured the legacy of Perrier-Jouët and turned it into a contemporary vision – their installation demonstrates that Art Nouveau is very much alive, capturing direct representation of Nature” says Axelle de Buffevent, Brand Style Director for Martell Mumm-Perrier-Jouët.

Earlier this year, Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren of Glithero visited the exclusive Maison Belle Epoque, the historic Perrier-Jouët house, in Epernay France. Glithero suggested the name after their visit to the cellars in Epernay. Beneath the Maison Belle Epoque, they were struck by the sudden change in atmosphere, of ultimate stillness, and were aiming to bring this feeling of disorientation and timelessness to the installation presented at Design Miami/.

The technique used to create this unique work of art is an ode toSpanish Art Nouveau architect Antoni Gaudi. In designing his Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, Gaudi’s goal was to find nature’s purest, most perfect curve. To achieve this he created upside-down architectural models composed of a multitude of weighted strings that draped from the ceiling.


Lost Time by Glithero for Perrier-Jouët is made with weighted, beaded strings that hang to form curves. The beads can be considered to reflect the dewdrops found in the cellars of the House in Epernay. The pool of water below is inspired by the double meaning of reflection and the optical effect of light and contrast encountered in the Perrier-Jouët cellars.

Lost Time embodies five characteristics of Art Nouveau:

  • The Perfect Curve – Lost Time embraces the signature quest of Art Nouveau artists who incorporated natural shape in their work, here influenced by Gaudi’s search for the perfect curve
  • Reflection – Lost Time was inspired by the double meaning of reflection, the optical effect of light & contrast encountered in Perrier-Jouët Cellars
  • Timelessness – Glithero is fascinated by the notion of time. The duo pioneered with their performance based designs and shifted their focus to the timelessness that they encountered in the cellars of Epernay, the heart and soul of Perrier-Jouët
  • Organic forms Lost Time is inspired by the organic forms encountered in the secrets of Perrier-Jouët Cellars from cobwebs to dew to the mirrored puddles that cover the dark damp cellars.
  • Craftsmanship – Lost Time is a studio made production, the result of a long research process.

Describing their work, Sarah Van Gameren from Glithero explains: In response to the Art Nouveau style we have shifted the emphasis from the figurative representation of Nature, to the capturing of a pure experience of Nature”.

Perrier-Jouët’s long-standing relationship with Arts and Crafts makes Design Miami/ an ideal forum to present Lost Time, a new work inspired by the House’s Art Nouveau history and showcasing its artistic heritage in a contemporary setting.

Following Miami, Glithero’s work will become part of the permanent collection of contemporary and historic Art Nouveau-inspired pieces in the Maison Belle Epoque, which houses no fewer than 200 original works by some of the greatest Art Nouveau masters.


Have a look at the video about the making of Lost time:


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