Slovenia meets Portugal: Ana Roš meets Luca Bordino (in Ljubljana)

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At Gostilna na gradu has happened a very interesting gastronomic event, a marriage of Portuguese and Slovenian traditional cuisine interpreted in a modern and personal way.

The economic crisis impacts also on the idea of what haute cuisine really is. The return to nature, a reasearch for rich and natural taste, and for traditions is our contribution for a better future.

On Monday, January 14 at 7.30 pm,  have Ana Roš and Damjan Fink at the restaurant “Na Gradu” in Ljubljana hosed young promising Portuguese chef Luca Bordino, executive chef of the restaurant Quinta dos Frades by Chakall.

The menu was:

Imagine the deer wondering trough the winter landscape (Ana Roš & Damjan Fink)
Portuguese sausage in the exotic combination of ginger and lime (Luca Bordino)
The pumpkin hidden in a corn pasta and a clear soup of “Bovec” sheep cheese, trout caviar (Ana Roš & Damjan Fink)
Slovenian sea bass in Portuguese hands/sea bass, black olives and clams (Luca Bordino)
Beef tongue and sweet root vegetables (Ana Roš & Damjan Fink)
Baked egg cream and golden pears (Luca Bordino)

Winemaker of the evening was Aleš Kristančič with his Movia wines.

Enjoy the photos by Dean Dubokovič.




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