Evening with chefs Marko Pavčnik & Uroš Štefelin at restaurant Pavus – this time with beer


Marko Pavčnik is absolutely between my favourite Slovenian chefs. His dishes are always the right mix of creativity and harmony. And most of all – he knows how to exalt the taste. So I’m happy to announce the evening which are creatig Marko Pavčnik and his lovely wife Katja in their restaurant Pavus together with the guest chef Uroš Štefelin from the Restaurant 1906 (Triglav Hotel, Bled), another exciting name of the Slovenian cuisine.

This time the main theme of the evening will be beer. Not so surprising since restaurant Pavus is situated in Laško, home of most famous Slovenian beer.

Curious about some details? Between 7 beers there will be also very appreciated ufiltrated beer. And another curiosity: chef Marko Pavčnik will in his courses use also beer malt!

Curious to taste the haute cuisine with beer? I’m sure you will enjoy it!

The diner will take place in the Laško Castle (Laško, Slovenia), at restaurant Pavus on Friday 15th March at 19.00.

Cost of the 7 courses dinner + 7 beers: 45,00 eur

Reservations are obligatory: +386 41 264 478 (Katja Pavčnik) or info@pavus.si


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