Fascinating monograph – Vipavska – colours, scents, flavours


The valley of mansions, castles and farmsteads between the Kras and the Trnovo forest, Nanos plateau and the Soča River, offers a deep variety of characteristic colours, scents and flavours to expert as well as amateur lovers of wine and cuisine.


Readers now have at their disposal a rich monograph titled Vipavska – colours, scents, flavours, which doubles as a guide. The monograph presents the past and present of the Vipava Valley, its winegrowers and winemakers, hospitality providers, cheese makers and wine shops. In addition to Slovenian text, all the content is translated into English and Italian as well. The book has a dedicated webpage at the address www.vipavska.si.


In the years of its creation, writers personally visited each featured winemaker, hospitality provider and cheese maker and interviewed them about their offer, stories, opinions and recipes. Browsing the book, it is easy to believe that photographer Marijan Močivnik  – in his own words – “crawled under the vines, sat and lay on barrels, flew above the valley, cycled, drove and walked all the way across and around it, in the dusk and the dawn and all the hours in between. He was there, he continues, when vines were planted, when they were pruned and tied. He was there on harvest days when ripe grapes were pressed in the autumn and when they were dried until springtime. He watched the working hands of the locals, exchanged glances and stared in their eyes, accompanied piglets till they became sausages, dripped with sweat in the pastures to the enjoyment of cattle tongues, chased snowflakes and waded through snow, pressed the camera button in thunderstorms, scrumped cherries, peaches and figs. He had winemakers mixing their crushed grapes, opening barrels and reaching inside with pipettes, pouring and emptying glasses, goats were milked and wheels of cheese ripened and turned, the river Hubelj sloshed in his shoes and dew sparkled on his trousers as he enjoyed delicacies prepared by the chefs while their recipes were transcribed for posterity. That, and much more”.


The resulting imagery of Vipavska is downright fascinating. The writer Tomaž Sršen, a wine and culinary connoisseur, had this to say about the book: “I knew it would turn out well, but the end result is absolutely stunning!” While the Dutch publisher and aficionado Chirtian Callec said: “It simply looks FABULOUS… Great pictures all over the book … One of the most beautiful books I have ever seen, a true masterpiece.”


Introductory texts (historical overview of the Vipava Valley and its formation, the art of winegrowing and winemaking, and culinarty arts in the region) and featured presentations were written by Stanislav Bačar, Toni Gomišček, Klemen Košak and Jože Rozman, who also edited the book. The monograph Vipavska – colours, scents, flavours was published by Vino Magazine, d.o.o.

Monograph Vipavska – colours, scents, flavours

• 230mm × 285mm

• 352 pages

• over 700 photographs

– history and interesting facts about the valley, its winegrowing, winemaking and culinary arts

– contact information, directions, detailed map

• 55 featured winemakers and hospitality providers, two cheese makers and a wine shop

• 16 recipes

• text in Slovenian, English and Italian

The most  reliable, simplest and fastest way to get the book:

• webpage order at www.vipavska.si

• by email: narocilo@revija-vino.si

• by telephone: +386 (0) 51 382 381 or +386 (0) 82 051 612

– points of sale are listed at www.vipavska.si

Discounts available when purchasing 10 copies or more.

text: Andreja Saksida, photo: Marijan Močivnik

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  1. Hello, your book looks great 🙂 , link to http://www.vipavska.si doesn’t work ( “http://” is missing )

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