Veronafiere – with Vinitaly 2013 – offers the Italian wine & food system the broadest possible global platform for business, promotion, communication and relations with national and international institutions and consumers world-wide. The topic was outlined by VeronaFiere’s President, Ettore Riello, and CEO & Director General, Giovanni Mantovani, during the press conference held  at Eataly in Rome detailing the 47th edition of Vinitaly, the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition (www.vinitaly.com) scheduled in Verona 7-10 April.

A networking system that is equally supported by Sol&Agrifood, Enolitech, OperaWine and VinitalyInternational – the latter promoting initiatives in the USA, China and Russia:  markets enjoying strong growth where – as indicated by all sector studies – constant development will be achieved over the next five years.  

As the world’s oldest wine Exhibition (having been founded in 1967), it is today also the most distinctively innovative, even in terms of information technology, thanks to the new VinitalyWineClub project completing the panorama of new entries among Veronafiere’s initiatives – the leading organiser of trade fairs in Italy active since 1898 and one of the industry leaders

The strategic role of exhibitions as part of the country’s industrial policy for promotion and exports is self-evident,” said the President of Veronafiere, Ettore Riello, who since 2010 has also been President of AEFI, the Association of Italian Exhibitions and Trade Fairs. International exhibitions handle a large portion of business involving small, medium and large companies.  A role that exhibition operators such as VeronaFiere continue to upgrade in order to support and anticipate change and innovation through vital services for business development.”

Vinitaly and its interconnected system is a full-scale asset for the country as a whole – and all the more so now that national and international political institutions are all called upon to measure the quality of investments in which public resources are involved,” Riello added The EU has approved important funds to support Italian wine and a significant part is intended for promoting wines on markets inside and outside the EU: Vinitaly’s credibility, effectiveness and wide range of action make this system an ideal channel for measurable, high-quality promotion.

“Vinitaly attracts 4,200 exhibitors to Verona from over 20 countries while the last edition saw 140 thousand visitors from 116 countries. The show is an extraordinary opportunity for contacts for a sector that in the first 11 months of last year posted exports down by 9% in volume for a total of 21.4 million hectolitres but an increase of 7% in value amounting to 4.7 billion euros,” emphasised Riello. Figures that do not suffice to consider wine immune from changes in the world economy, since in China, for example, where a competitor such as French is losing ground, Italy is stuck at a market share of just 5% despite the country’s exponential growth in consumption.

It is no coincidence, inasmuch, that Vinitaly 2013 will be attended for the first time by a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and online trading giants. With the spread of information technology and social media, retail wine sales are an increasingly common through channels such as Internet and e-shops are coming to the fore as a means to boost sales. We estimate that approximately 190 million Chinese buyers are active on the web and constantly growing,”concluded the President of Veronafiere,  Ettore Riello.

What Vinitaly is doing to be the “umbrella Brand”, the international hub for wine promotion and trade was explained by CEO & Director General, Giovanni Mantovani.

CSVnly-foto Ennevi03

(from left to right), Gianni Bruno, Vinitaly brand manager, Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & General Manager of Veronafiere, Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere, and Carlo Alberto Delaini, Director of the Veronafiere Press Office

More than 35% of visitors at Vinitaly every year on average comes from overseas,” said Mantovani in opening his report. Last year, there were 48,544 foreign operators from 116 countries out of overall attendance of 140,655 people, including 2,496 accredited journalists from 45 countries with 170 radios and TVs, 105 newspapers and 110 online publications.

Changing the schedule to Sunday-Wednesday also ensured a significant increase in attendance in the international (as well as Italian) HO.RE.CA channel, not to mention longer stays. Enrolments for Vinitaly 2013 are currently in line with the last edition: we therefore expect to welcome more than 4,200 exhibitors from over 20 countries in a net exhibition area, thanks to the expansion of Hall 11, in excess of 95 thousand square metres and even larger than in 2012.

The knowledge, scouting and contact role that Vinitaly performs abroad with Vinitaly International in active collaboration with all the players in the wine system and through its network of delegates in 60 countries, ensures attendance at the Vinitaly event in Italy itself of a significant number of buyers and opinion leaders from geographic areas of major interest as regards wine consumption,” Mantovani  pointed out. International relationships will be even further  enhanced thanks to VinitalyWineClub, the innovative online promotion and sales platform that seeks to offer producers the chance to reach new consumers who will thereby have the opportunity to discover new wines from every corner of Italy.  A preview of the complete project will be presented 6 April within the scope of OperaWine, the event organised in collaboration with Wine Spectator, will the e-commerce project will begin 7 April. VinitalyWineClub is the digital and synergic extension of the promotion and development pursued by physical exhibition.



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