Happy Easter with Vinitaly’s designer recipes

A preview of Vinitaly with the menu created by chefs Enrico Bartolini (starter), Piero Bertinotti (first course), Fabio Baldassarre (second course) and Massimo Spigaroli (dessert) – the stars of “Designer Restaurant” during the most important professional exhibition dedicated to wine scheduled in Verona 7-10 April.

Beautiful Easter Wallpapers (10)

Verona, 29 March 2013 – Haute cuisine recipes for Easter lunch with the ideas of the chefs starring at Vinitaly’s Designer Restaurant (7-10 April 2013 – www.vinitaly.com).

It opens with “eggs, asparagus and Béarnaise sauce” by Enrico Bartolini, chef at the Devero Restaurant, Cavenago Brianza (MB). “Cook the eggs in boiling water for four and a half minutes so that the white is cooked and the yolk creamy,” explains Bartolini; “shell them immediately and arrange on five or six peeled green asparagus, blanched in salted water and sautéed with butter and thyme. Serve with a spoon of Béarnaise sauce and finish with wild herbs (especially young shoots) seasoned with traditional balsamic vinegar. An ideal accompaniment for this dish is a glass of Sauvignon from Alto Adige.”

“Agnolotti of the President” by Piero Bertinotti of the Pinocchio Restaurant in Borgomanero (NO) accompanied by a glass of young Nebiolo: “It is a traditional dish,” explains the chef, “I prepared two years ago when President Napolitano visited Vinitaly. He asked for a second serving!” – hence the name in honour of Italy’s Head of State. The ingredients for this dish are: egg pasta rolled out very thinly, a filling prepared with veal, chicken and pork, flavoured with Duja salami and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese yet softened (and this is the secret) with bread moistened in milk; then seasoned with a roast gravy made with bones (“I’m from Piedmont,” says Bertinotti, “and do not throw anything away”).

Traditional Easter lamb is the proposal of the Unico Restaurant in Milan, where chef Fabio Baldassare takes inspiration from Greek cuisine with a yogurt and mint sauce, accompanied by radish sautéed in cherry vinegar. The pairing suggested for this recipe is a full character red wine such as Montalcino, Barbera or Pinot Noir.

A chocolate egg with a surprise is the suggestion of chef Massimo Spigaroli, Antica Corte Pallavicina Restaurant (PR): “Our idea for dessert,” he says, “keeps faith with tradition but re-invents it with a delicious surprise. Our fine chocolate egg actually disguises the real dessert – trifle with a dash of liqueur. As regards a wine pairing, I would suggest accompanying this dessert with Rosso delle Dolomiti or Recioto della Valpolicella, in keeping with Vinitaly’s home territory.”



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