Pizzeria Sorbillo: eat today, pay within eight days

Gino Sorbillo. Photo: Anna Monaco

Gino Sorbillo. Photo: Anna Monaco

Gino Sorbillo, the most known pizzaiolo from Naples, owner of the legendary pizzeria Sorbillo, which is owned since generations by his family and known for one of the best pizzas in Naples, is, beside being a serious pizzaiolo by heart, also very sensitive for the needs of his guests, the population of Naples and wider. Beside that he is also a great master of marketing.

When Steve Jobs died, Gino made a tribute pizza for him, just like he does also for all others important events that touch his beloved Naples or himself. He publishes his tribute pizzas in social media and all his fans (he has many of them) and journalists spread the news. Gino is always in the news!

His philosophy is simple but very well thought. Gino’s great pizzas start already from 3,00 eur. He doesn’t want to be “fancy” and expensive like some other eminent pizzerias. He says that pizza was never a luxury but a simple tasty dish of the poor, and it should remain like this. Everybody should be able to afford his pizza.

Since his pizza doesn’t cost much, even if it’s one of the best in town, his pizzeria is always full. And not only! In most cases you have to wait a whole hour in front of pizzeria to get in, because there is such a waiting line! (Go inside, register yourself and wait outside to be called when your table is free)

sorbillo 7

An ordinary day at pizzeria Sorbillo. Crowd is waiting outside to get a table. (Archive Sorbillo)

There is no priority for the VIPs, no possibility of reservation. At pizzeria Sorbillo everybody is equal. To avoid the crowds try to be there at 12.00 and you may be lucky to get a table immediately and to enjoy the great pizzas in a very peaceful way. But anyway – most of the guests agree that Sorbillo pizzas are worth also waiting.


Pizza by Gino Sorbillo (Photo: Archive Sorbillo)

His pizza is made by using the best ingredients of the region – best, the softest and tastiest mozzarella which melts in your mouth, lovely ripe tomatoes which have absorbed all the minerals of the Vesuvius, wonderful olive oil and other excellent products from Campania. His dough is slowly raised, flavours are lovely rounded and full.

But even if pizza Sorbillo is not expensive, some people because of the bad economical situation can’t afford it anymore. Gino was shocked when he has read in a newspaper that a father has stolen three pizzas in a pizzeria in Naples explaining that now also his children will eat.

"Pizza oggi a 8" by Gino Sorbillo - Photo: Archive Sorbillo

“Pizza oggi a 8” by Gino Sorbillo – Photo: Archive Sorbillo

This situation which has deeply touched Gino, a father of three, has brought him to idea of “Pizza oggi a 8” – an old practice in Naples which was born in old times of poverty when you could eat a pizza today and pay it within eight days. He started the same practice.

Gino Sorbillo at work - Photo: Archive Sorbillo)

Gino Sorbillo at work – Photo: Archive Sorbillo)

Of course “eat today, pay within eight days” doesn’t work for tourists and casual visitors but for people from his surroundings, his regular guests – people who are known there around so he knows he can trust them. A nice gesture to help to people who live around him to have at least one warm meal per day. So it’s not surprising that you will always see many happy faces around the pizzeria Sorbillo.

Congratulations, Gino, for your beautiful initiatives and your humanity!


Happy crowd in front of the Sorbillo pizzeria (Photo: Archive Sorbillo)

Happy crowd in front of the Sorbillo pizzeria (Photo: Archive Sorbillo)



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