El Somni – the gastronomic opera by El Celler de Can Roca

Roca break pred1

It was a nice morning in London last Monday when we have gathered in Mandarin Oriental, a nice international crowd  of food and travel journalists and opinionmakers, for the Catalonian breakfast with the legendary Roca brothers (El Celler de Can Roca) and tonight (6th May) is the day when premiere of El Somni will happen.

The breakfast

Breakfast was sponsored by the Costa Brava tourism board and was delicious, what you can sense by seeing the photo bellow.

Roca break 2

The province of Girona is well known for its 16 restaurants holding 20 Michelin stars. One of the most outstanding is El Cellar de Can Roca run by the three Roca brothers: Joan (chef), Josep (sommelier) and Jordi (pastry chef). Gastronomy is one of the strongest points of the turism in Costa Brava so they are very aware of it and proud of it, so everybody is giving it support that it needs to be able to bloom even more.

El Cellar de Can Roca unveils El Somni

Roka break pred 2

The always perfect Maria Canabal has introduced the project which Roca brothers describe as “a dynamic multi-sensory private dining experience with food and drink, video, robots, music and card games. An attempt to conjure, harness and present a ‘sixth sense’ to diners. A whole new way to eat out, or depending on how you look at it, a whole new way to visit the opera”. Then it was all on the three brothers who have presented the project and its birth into every detail.

The opera in 12 courses or banquet in 12 acts, as you prefer to call it, which will be each time performed for a closed group of 12 guests has involved many musicians, poets, painters, composers, singers, visual artists from all around the world to create this symphony set of emotions for a cross-disciplined opera (click here to see all the list of artists involved). Have a look at the video which was showed for the first time to us in London to get the sense of the spectacularity and the depth of the project:

Two exhibitions, one film, Barcelona’s Cards and one web will complete the experience that will make of Barcelona, from a creative and innovative side, the world’s capital of arts.

A fascinating project, a once in a lifetime experience that every food, opera or art lover will desire to live. Congratulations to the Roca brothers and all their team and “break your leg” tonight!



Roca 001

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