elBulli: Ferran Adria and the Art of Food – exhibition in London in July

Ferran Adrià is heading to London and offering an exhibition that explores two areas in which he is extremely well-versed: the art of science and food.

The intricacies of his experimental style of cooking and the molecular gastronomy that catapulted him to fame will be on display for all to see. Whether you’ve eaten as his now-defunct elBulli, or just heard about it, now you can get an up-close look at how it ticked.

The exhibition, entitled “elBulli: Ferran Adria and the Art of Food”, was already open for a year in Barcelona, registering 650,000 visits. Now he is bringing the expo to London’s Somerset House, a Neoclassical building converted into an arts and cultural center, just beside the River Thames. The show will run from July 5th to September 29th. Expect to see items including plasticine models of food and countless photos, sketches and menus.

Photo: Abigal King

Photo: Abigal King

Spanish chef Ferran Adrià took the helm of elBulli in 1987, when he started to explore the essence of food and the experience of eating. He and his team broke down ingredients to their molecular level and then reconstructed dishes using surprising combinations. Says Adrià, for every 100 dishes he and his team created, just one made the grade.

elBulli was famous, among other things, for its extensive tasting menu: 50 courses, including crowd-pleasers such as lobster and lamb brain salad, clam meringue, and olive spheres, among countless other innovative creations. But Ferran’s impact and legacy are far-reaching. It’s not the food that made him so fascinating, it’s his willingness to experiment and take risks.

Upcoming projects include the elBulli Foundation, a gastronomic think tank Adrià is opening onsite at the former elBulli in 2015.

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