Sleeping in London: Metropolitan hotel, Mayfair

Metropolitan etrance (Photo: Como Archive)

Metropolitan etrance (Photo: Como Archive)

Spaciousness, airiness and lightness, view open at the vastness of Hyde park and proverbial kindness with obligingness on one of the most famous streets of Mayfair –  the renowned Park Lane – mark the prestigious Metropolitan hotel, in which resides also the famous restaurant Nobu.

Mayfair is one of the richest areas of the central London, so it’s not surprising, that quite some of the most prestigious hotels are found here. Metropolitan is situated in one of the best positions of Mayfair, in a triangle between the great Hyde park and the royal park of the Buckingham Palace, which is followed by the Green park.

Reception (Photo: Como Archive

Reception (Photo: Como Archive)

Excellent location, restaurant Nobu, famous Met bar, and luxury holistic spa Shambala, are attracting not only foreign guests but also the local elite, and if you are lucky you may encounter also some celebrities from film or the musical world.

Metropolitan is a hotel which has in its design as first in London moved away from the classical saturated hotel interiors to elegant simplicity.  We are aware of that already at entrance and it continues also into reception where we are awaited by a light airy space and staff with a lovely smile.

Lobby (Photo: Como Archive

Lobby (Photo: Como Archive)

Rooms unveil the uniqueness of this hotel. Size of the Metropolitan room in which I was staying, exceeded also size of some suites in other hotels, and it looked even more spacious and airy because of well designed interior which offers a lot of working space and storage but at the same time leaves a lot of spare space – so much that one could dance if his heart would desire so. Spaciousness and lightness of the room are accentuated also with windows in the whole length of the room through which our eyes can relax on the green spaces of the Hyde park.

Interior doesn’t want to impress with pomposity and glamour but wants to seem invisible. Minimalism and high functionality guide our   look to the outside – to the green. Behind the window there was also a long balcony which is a wonderful addition specially in summer months.  I loved the room which inspires to great ideas and gestures.

My room (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

My room – comfortable bed and lovely sofa (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

Excellent bed, large and very well lighted bathroom, lightning in the rooms which can be adjusted from the strong to a soft atmospheric and changes an official ambient into an intimate space,  mini bar with good selection of drinks and snacks for fair prices, add to our happiness and well being. Also room service is not as expensive as in some other hotels. WiFi is complimentary and a nice surprise is that in the drawer you will find a completely new electricity adapter so if you are not British, you will anyway have no problem with your electronic devices.

My room (Metropolitan room) was really spacious and very fuctional with a lot of place for storage (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

My room (type of room: Metropolitan room) was really spacious and had a wonderful view on the park (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

Metropolitan also smells beautifully – air is scented with precious etheric oils. The whole Como chain, part of which is also Metropolitan (as the only European hotel – others are in Asia) is proud of its luxury holistic oriental spa Shambala Urban Escape, which in small intimate spaces spoils its guests with different therapies. They have also developed their own cosmetics on the base of etheric oils which is totally additives free. Shambala cosmetics awaits you also in your bathroom and staying in Metropolitan is more beautiful also because of that.  “We are also the only one in London to offer facial care of Dr. Perricone from New York, who is world authority in the field of cellular aging,” proudly adds about Shambala hotel manager Andrew Thomson.

Entrance to spa with their own lobby and collection of cosmetics (Photo: Como Archive)

Entrance to spa with their own lobby and collection of cosmetics (Photo: Como Archive)

Also your palate will be indulged in pleasures: you can spoil it in the famous Michelin starred restaurant Nobu in the first floor of Metropolitan, in the famous Met bar, where you can enjoy also great cocktails or you can decide to enjoy in some healthy snacks developed in connection with Shambala.

Afternoon tea at Met (Photo: Como Archive)

Afternoon tea at Met (Photo: Como Archive)

But what gives the real soul to each hotel are people. And in Matropolitan they can be really proud of their staff. They are relaxed and extremely kind . At the reception they will always await you with a smile and their concierge is known to make also impossible possible: they manage to you tickets to performances which are sold out, table in a restaurant which is normally booked months in advance etc. Where is a will, there is a way, and in Metropolitan they live that way.  Room maid will not only take care of your room but will call the elevator for you when she sees you coming, hotel managers like to have a chat with guests and listen to their opinions,  but what is common for all is that they really love what they do and their great attention to the guests. In my room for example was waiting for me a bottle of wine from the Como estate  and fruit platter with welcome letter of the hotel manager.

Welcome by the hotel manager: Como estate wine (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

Welcome by the hotel manager: Como estate wine (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

In Metropolitan you will feel sincerely welcome. The added value is that prices are, for such level of hotel in London, very fair and transparent. Hotel which vibrates honesty and kindness and finds in its grandeur also space for intimacy and pleasures. Definitely a hotel which I can recommend with the certainty that you will not be disappointed.

Suitable for: anyone who loves very spacious rooms, great functionality and simple elegance in an excellent, very central location.

Andreja Lajh

More photos:

My pleasant room ready for sleep (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

My pleasant room ready for sleep (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

Massage (Photo: Como Archive)

Massage (Photo: Como Archive)

Met bar (Photo: Como Archive)Met bar (Photo: Como Archive)

About Shambala spa (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

About Shambala spa (Photo: Andreja Lajh)


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