Sleeping in London: hotel Baglioni, Kensington

Hotel Baglioni (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Hotel Baglioni (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Even if most of in London living Italians live in Chelsea, has the Italian luxury hotel chain chosen the prestigious Kensington as location for their boutique hotel. Kensington is now, when the young royal couple lives there, becoming even more aristocratical and Baglioni, which embodies the Italian charm and glamour, is taking good care in treating you too as a royalty. Kensington, one of the most desired areas for properties, full of stunning buildings and gardens, is situated between the royal Kensington gardens and the Holland park. Hotel Baglioni is in front of the royal Kensington gardens on enviable position not far away from Royal Albert Hall and  Royal College of Art, and from there is just a nice walk to Knightsbridge with excellent restaurants and  popular Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

The hall and reception  (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

The hall and reception (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

When doors of this boutique hotel open, you find yourself in a glamorous hall indulged in golden shade. The hall with cosy velvet armchairs and black Murano chandeliers  is just with water, which is running over a glass wall, divided from a bar/restaurant. Golden shades are symbolizing Italian sun, water instead is there to evoke in us memories of the wonderful Italian fountains.

Baglioni suite  (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Baglioni suite (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Also rooms are very luxurious. Contemporary glamorous rooms are mostly in beige and coffee shades with golden details. Materials are warm and sophisticated, walls instead are enriched with photos from Italian dolce vita. The feeling is very pleasant – great cosines and comfort. Some rooms are also looking at the park. All rooms offer free wi-fi, for the typical Italian pleasure instead is there an Illy coffee machine which allows you to enjoy great coffee at any time. If you are a curious person looking forward to discover the city, you will be happy to find in your room also the Baglioni guide for London. I was surprised also with fresh fruit. Sweet little attentions are always very pleasant and make our day …

Richard Avedon's photos in "my" suite (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

Richard Avedon’s photos in “my” suite (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

I was staying in a lovely suite with very inviting bed and many cosy sofas and armchairs. Bathroom was very luxurious and shiny, but still very elegant – with a nice brassy wash basin, black marble and magical lightning. I was happy to see bidet, which is in London a big rarity. Also bathroom cosmetics is very pleasant and smells very nicely. I love bathrooms and this one was for sure one of the best!

One of Baglioni bathrooms  (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

One of Baglioni bathrooms (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Culinary experiences in Baglioni are of course … Italian. Restaurat Brunello, which is situated in the ground floor, offers delicious Italian dishes, which are enjoyed sited in the golden velvet armchairs in beautiful ambient which is very elegant and relaxed at the same time. Chef Claudio Milani, who moved to London from the northern Italy at age of 19 years, has gathered his experiences at the famous Italian chef from London Francesco Mazzei. His dishes could be described as modern Italian cuisine deeply rooted in the tradition. Prices at Baglioni are honest – even cocktails are honestly priced – I was surprised that in Baglioni London they cost less than in some Italian hotels in Rome (12 pounds against 20 – 24 eur).

Restaurant Brunello  (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Restaurant Brunello (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Baglioni offers to its guests also spa with different therapies and beauty treatments, therapies are based mostly on thalgo and terrace treatments. Also fitness is in the house, even if in  sunny day the vicinity of park invites even more to a nice jogging or a walk in the green. Hotel has also many further plans for its development. “Because of arrival of the young royal couple to Kensington palace which is very close to our hotel and the fact that this area is missing good private clubs, we have decided to create in the lower ground floor a private club which will bring to hotel also new prestigious guests and exciting events,” explains full of enthusiasm the general manager Luca Virgilio.

Wonderful view from one of the suites  (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Wonderful view from one of the suites (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Hotel staff is flawless. Italian cordiality is united with the English refinement and effectiveness. They see every existing problem even before you become aware of it and solve it in a moment – and with a smile. I admired their incredible coordination – they didn’t need words to communicate with each other – just a look was enough . Great kindness and endeavour can be seen on all the levels – from the room maid, over concierge to the general manager.

Special service: Baglioni's Jaguar with driver  (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

Special service: Baglioni’s Jaguar with driver (Photo: Andreja Lajh)

When I asked to call me a taxi, a pleasant surprise waited for me – they offered me their Jaguar and driver as a complimentary service. Same thing happened also the next day. It’s a wonderful special service offered by Baglioni where the only limit is that your destination should not be more than 1,5 mile away from hotel.  A sweet attention which adds to Baglioni’s glamour and which makes you feel even more wonderfully spoiled. If you like smaller hotels and you swear on luxury and very personal yet discreet approach, then Baglioni is the right choice. It has it’s own very special charm and I’m sure you will enjoy in it. Suitable for: all of you who love luxury, Italian style, smaller boutique hotels and good bathrooms (don’t forget also that  Baglioni is one of the few hotels in London with bidet). Baglioni London website Andreja Lajh

Hotel Baglioni  (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

Hotel Baglioni (Photo: Archive Baglioni)

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