David Gill Galleries at Pavilion of Art & Design 16 – 20 October 2013, Berkeley Square, London

Now in its 7th year London’s Pavilion of Art & Design in Berkeley Square, coincides with the prestigious Frieze contemporary art fair and has become a hotly anticipated event in its own right with the top collectors and interior architects from around the world attending. The fair showcases unique and exciting arrivals from the world of contemporary design and art.

One of the regular exhibitors this year is David Gill Galleries – a major dealer in the field and one of only two galleries who began limited edition furniture almost three decades ago.  Gill is a pioneering gallerist of 20th Century and contemporary design who has produced furniture collections of Zaha Hadid and Mattia Bonetti and who was one of the first people to show the work of artist Grayson Perry.  He broke new ground for designers and architects in championing the work of designers such as  Marc Newson, Tom Dixon and Ron Arad, who have since become world famous.


This year, David Gill will be showing a carefully edited selection of pieces at PAD by some of the artists and designers with whom he works closely including Zaha Hadid, Mattia Bonetti, ceramic artist Barnaby Barford, the Swedish/English duo Fredrikson Stallard, and Gaetano Pesce

Mattia Bonetti is an internationally renowned designer whose work features in major collections all over the world. He is renowned for combining fantasy with rich materials such as bronze gilded.  David Gill will be showing Bonetti’s newest work, a sculptural side table entitled ‘Roots’, a harbinger for the much anticipated 2014 collection with David Gill.

Also on show will be the new dining table, entitled ‘Atlantic,’ by Fredrikson Stallard.  It is a crushed stainless steel structure, mirror polished, with a mosaic of large marble sections creating a feeling of a lighting struck top.  This table picks up from the language of Fredrikson Stallard’s show-stopping coffee table, ‘Detroit.’

Gaetano Pesce caused excitement last year with the production of a range of tables based on highly realistic and detailed ‘waterscapes’.  At PAD this year, David Gill will show the coffee table entitled ‘Puddle’,  a unique work in a new incarnation which was based on an impression of a puddle in Brooklyn, New York where Pesce works. Perhaps many would say Pesce is prolific as an artist, however these tables are truly unique. These pieces are the result of a long career in which Pesce has pushed the potential of resin to extreme levels, creating pieces of beauty and precision which embrace the ‘imperfections’ of the medium.

David Gill will also be showing two of the mirrors created by Barnaby Barford for his recent and highly acclaimed exhibition at David Gill Galleries entitled, The Seven Deadly Sins, which has proved popular with collectors. ‘Pride’, the largest of his mirrors, “demands that the viewer sees themselves portrayed like a demi-god, within the curved portal of an icon,” says Barford. ‘Envy’, an enigmatic mirror surrounded with fronds of ivy, uses images of the London Riots of 2011 to conjure Barford’s interpretation of what human ‘envy’ can prompt.

Of his participation at PAD, Gill says: “PAD achieves that fine balance between art and contemporary design, which we as a gallery believe we emulate.  It is small and selective and the visitors who come are serious buyers who are able to see the highest quality pieces.”

Many of the pieces shown this year will be unique pieces and providing press and collectors  a rare opportunity to see intriguing works.

David Gill Galleries – Booth B1

PAD London Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1

Open to the public: Wednesday 16 October to Saturday 19 October from 11AM –8PM,  Sunday 20 October 11AM –6PM

David Gill Galleries

2-4 King Street, (corner of Duke Street), St James’s, London SW1Y 6QL


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