Life is a gift …. Happy 2014!

How was 2013 for you? For me it was not an easy, but it was a very important year. I have moved from Ljubljana to London and started my company Haut de Gammeto offer marketing and communication support to people and projects in which I deeply believe. I am looking forward to work with people who also in their own work value great quality, creativity and highest ethics. They are/will be “my” haut de gamme and I will fight for each of them like a lioness to help them succeed. So 2013 was for me the first step in new land and into new project, 2014 will be the year of very hard work. I don’t know what challenges are awaiting you in the coming year but I wish you all to make the best out of it and to have a happy and prosper new year. If I can be of any help or support never ever hesitate to contact me. A big hug to you all.
And thank you for following my blog.
PS For more info regarding Haut de Gamme services please contact me at:

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