Rene Redzepi with Noma to Japan, Heston Blumenthal with Fat Duck to Australia


Two of the best restaurants are leaving Europe. But luckily not for long.


Rene Redzepi & Noma (Photo: Phaidon)

Rene Redzepi & Noma (Photo: Phaidon)

Rene Redzepi, founder and chef of Noma announced:

“Dear Friends, guests and colleagues,

A long lasting dream of mine has come to fruition:

Restaurant Noma is moving to Japan for two months in the beginning of 2015.

Five years ago I was invited there by chef Murata of the acclaimed Kikunoi and I was awestruck by the richness of Japanese food culture. In some way since that first visit I’ve been secretly planning this temporary relocation.

Although our entire staff will move to Tokyo, we’ll leave our ingredients at home. Rather we’ll bring our mindset and sensibilities to the best of pristine winter produce from all over Japan.

The whole staff is exhilarated, like myself, by this opportunity and we believe that the wealth of knowledge from the journey will enrich our own restaurant and cooking when we return to Copenhagen.

In June we will give you the final details: of what, where and when. If you want to be fully updated on this, please register here.

Sayonara, from René and the rest of noma.”

Heston Blumenthal (Photo: Neale Haynes)

Heston Blumenthal (Photo: Neale Haynes)

Practically in same moment – tonight at midnight GMT, has his relocation announced also Heston Blumenthal who was in that moment in Melbourne. He is moving his Fat Duck to Melbourne (The Crown Resort) at the end of 2014. But not forever. Fat Duck will spoil Aussies for six months, while the restaurant in Bray will be refurbished. After return of Fat Duck to Bray, he will open in Melbourne his first Dinner by Heston outside UK .

Good trip to both teams and a lot of exciting inspirations in the new terroirs!



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