Cartizze cocktail bar – a new heavenly place for cocktail lovers in London

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I must say I was somehow always more winelover, even if in the far past I was together with my father, studying a bit the magical world of cocktails and did a few also at home. But I have really fallen in love for the first time with cocktails a few years ago when at Ein Prosit, the wine & food festival in Malborghetto, Italy, Gianluca Amato, excellent barman from Hotel de Russie in Rome, demonstrated all the history of Martini, which was presented by the great Gian Luca Mazzella. We have been tasting about five different martinis – from Martinez to “James Bond’s” shaken version Martini. I have felt in love with the nice classical dry Martini – stirred with lemon twist.

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When I moved to London I was looking for my favourite cocktail place, but there was always something missing – there were some nice places but with not really great cocktails, places with great cocktails instead were overcrowded and too loud for my taste. I was hoping to find a pleasant elegant place where you can really enjoy delicious drinks with friends.

And then Cartizze was born. 

Cartizze 3


The doors to this for cocktail lovers sacred place in Mayfair, close to the New Bond Street (where Mews of Mayfair are located), have officially opened on 8th April 2014. Cartizze has everything I love. Interior  is wonderfully elegant  – nice lightning, beautifully handcrafted furniture in art deco style, and very nicely chosen details – in the back of the bar are not bottles as usual, but lovely glasses (wonderful solution). All the space reminds of those lovely bars in old black and white movies (congratulations Fabled Design!). Music is very well chosen and it is not loud but creates just a very pleasant background. And place will never become overcrowded since they have a strict policy – as many guests as there are seats. I love that! And glassware! I’m a bit of fetishist regarding glasses, so glasses at Cartizze are extra pleasant for me: All drinks are served in vintage glassware and cocktail shakers from the 1920s-50s sourced from antique markets across Italy and London.


And cocktails – the most important thing – are fantastic! Inspired by italian glamour and ingredients, they were designed by Richard Woods, UK winner of the Bombay Sapphire ‘World’s Most Imaginative Bartender’ 2014, and are real masterpieces. I haven’t tried them all yet, but my favourite till now is Amor y Amargo (Amaretto, Cynar, apricot liqueur, lemon, egg white, vanilla sugar, prosecco). It’s nicely sour with a bit of bitterness and right amount of sweetness (not too much). Also their Truffled Liquorice Sour  is delicious. Made with Chivas whisky, lemon, egg white, liquorice, sugar and truffle. I still have to try many of them, also their signature cocktail Olive Gin Fizz (gin, lemon, lemon sugar, olive oil, egg white, prosecco). I’m still looking forward also to enjoy The Blood Orange Bellini, which they describe as an exquisite and seasonal Italian influenced cocktail and the Sgroppino a twist on the Venetian classic of lemon sorbet and Prosecco, which is served in a glass with a spoon, the ultimate alcoholic palate cleanser. 


Another interesting thing about this lovely bar is that there are also spirit lockers available for guests to store their favourite liquors from the Locker List and the The Connoisseur’s Collection, a privately sourced selection of spirits dating back to the 1800s.

And if you desire to have a bite – Aperitivos include hand-dived Orkney isle scallops, San Daniele ham wrapped figs, truffle honey & roquette plus parmesan biscuits with poppy seeds and many more interesting options.

Cartizze owner James Robson says: “Cartizze is a real passion project. The care I’ve taken in collecting beautiful glassware from some of my favourite places in the world reflects the lengths the whole team have gone to to create a unique and intimate drinking den”.

I always admire people who follow their passion so deeply and in every detail as James did with this project. So long live Cartizze and James! Cheers!

Cartizze bar, 4 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 1EY

Opened: Monday to Saturday 5pm – 11pm

Book your table at:

All photos; Cartizze Bar personal archive


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