New in London: Dining with a view by Jason Atherton – City Social

Next week – on the first of May – will be open the new Jason Atherton’s restaurant in the City. Called City Social it is located in the 24th floor of the Tower 42.



Soft opening revealed to us a wonderfully elegant place which is all subdued to the wonderful views which shine even more when night arrives and when also lightning inside is reduced  to create a magical atmosphere where all that stands out are plates with the lovely dishes on the tables and the stunning view through the window. It is like in a theatre where show really starts just when lights go off. Food is well made, flavours are clear and delicious enough to enjoy the whole tasting menu without a problem (even as a woman). Souffle which I have got as dessert was the lightest and softest chocolate dessert you can imagine. Like a cloud made out of chocolate. Now I am curious also about their baba! A place to return and to enjoy with style.

RESTAURANT SUITABLE FOR: Those who want to spend some special moment in a nice elegant place with some touch of magic. Those who like their cuisine to be classical elegant and yet contemporary, always good but not too daring and experimental. Cocktail lovers. (City Social offers some very exciting cocktails!)

NOT SUITABLE: Do not go there if you like very casual very relaxed places or you want to experience some really experimental or extreme gourmet experiences.

Some of the dishes and the City Social very special version of the Mai Thai cocktail:









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