In love with Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, Rome (Italy)

Picture 47

Night view from the rooftop restaurant Aroma

I have felt in love with Rome already many many years ago when I visited the eternal city for the first time. Since then I am regularly returning, because love has to be taken care of and because my heart loves what Rome represents. Now I have another motive to return. I have felt in love with a small boutique hotel with the view at one of the most important Roman monuments and with the kindest personnel that I have ever met. Palazzo Manfredi, with the view at Colosseum, is one and unique.

Rome is for me a magical city. Because of its beauties which are eternal, because of the history which reveals itself to us with every step, and also because of the emotions which it evokes and the memories that we create on our own. But also because of the energy, sun and music, which I hear even when no musician is close by. Maybe the city is already impregnated with it, or it is spread through the air by the ghosts of the past who probably still occupy the narrow lively streets of the city.

Quick view into the presidential suite

Quick view into the presidential suite of Palazzo Manfredi

Rome is not shiny, but it’s anyway glamorous. The facades of the buildings are worn out, but anyway enchanting. Their greatest charm is revealed when we enter inside where we are often surprised by the inner yards full of palms and other Mediterranean plants, which are invisible from the streets, or entrances which lead (like in the case of Via Margutta) to private gardens which are connected with the park Villa Borghese. I have been also in a house which in the past served as lavatory of the pope (on Via dei lavatori). In the corridor is still preserved a hub in which was washed linen. Now it serves as a home to goldfish. Above the hub is a cage with two canaries which are filling the place with their lovely music. Magical! And this is just a corridor of the building which leads to the stairs which again uncover new surprises. Rome will always surprise you with things you can’t see at the first glance, so keep your eyes and heart open!

The entrance hall

The entrance hall

I have discovered many magical, unique and unforgettable things in Rome. And when I thought that I experienced it all and that nothing can surprise me anymore, Palazzo Manfredi happened. I have enjoyed quite some wonderful luxury hotels in Rome and was spoiled like a Queen: in the famous Hotel de Russie I spent a few days in the wonderful Popolo suite with a private terrace and view which was reaching far over the famous Piazza del Popolo. In another hotel, on the top of the Spanish stairs, I was enjoying a lovely suite with 200 m2 of terrace. But I have felt in love with the Palazzo Manfredi, a lovely place not so well known even to many Romans.

I arrived there in the evening. I could hardly recognize the building at my arrival. I knew it was situated close to Colosseum, but it was not standing out and nothing was indicating that there is a luxury hotel in this building.

Most of the rooms and suites have such a view

Most of the rooms and suites have such a view

I was kindly welcomed at the reception and taken to my suite. It was night already, so curtains were covering the windows. But when I was shown the room, the curtains were drawn back and I remained speechless. In front of me was, like on the palm of my hand, but so close, that it seemed I could touch it, standing his majesty, the Colosseum. The suite was lovely and cosy. It is rare to find a contemporary interior with so much cosines, warmth and softness. Warm dark brown shades, like melted chocolate, soft bed covers and carpets, heavy curtains and atmospheric lightning are creating an indulging atmosphere.

Picture 45

“My” lovely suite

The lovely and spacious bathroom and toilet are separated from each other with a frosted glass, which also separates them from the bedroom. Nice light and good quality cosmetics add to pleasure. But what enthused me the most about this hotel, was the personnel. Cordiality and attention of each of them are incomparable with anything else I have encountered before. Probably also because it is a small hotel, so everything is more personal and everybody is even more dedicated to the guests. Don’t be surprised if the doors of the hotel, when you are stepping out of taxi, will be opened to you by the hotel director. He is a warm human being who always goes the extra mile. Bruno Papaleo, the hotel director, is a great person. This is particularly visible in case of such a small hotel where it seems that his sensibility and cordiality were contagious – all the staff is following his rule.

Picture 46

The view. From the rooftop restaurant (which serves also as breakfast “room”) and from most of the rooms

I was lucky enough that I was able to enjoy his company at their rooftop restaurant Aroma with the stunning view at Colosseum, during which I could catch a glimpse of his soul while listening to interesting stories about the fascinating monument in front of us. Sophisticated, curious, cordial, open and dedicated to his work, he is a perfect hotel director and a lovely person. I was impressed also by the dinner. Chef Giuseppe di Iorio has a very challenging task: he has to compete every day with the flavours and presentation of his dishes with the view from the terrace which shows you not only Colosseum but also the streets far behind. But Giuseppe is doing it greatly! His dishes are fresh, very tasty and beautifully done. Giuseppe confirms, what we know already since long time: hotels put more and more attention to their culinary offers and Palazzo Manfredi with Aroma restaurant is an excellent example of this trend.

Chef Giuseppe di Iorio and his dishes.

Chef Giuseppe di Iorio and his dishes.

Whenever you go to Rome, spoil yourself with a lovely dinner at the rooftop of this hotel. It is not cheap, but the excellent food and stunning view make it worth. In the same space where guest enjoy Giuseppe’s pieces of culinary art, is in the morning served breakfast. Palazzo Manfredi’s breakfast is served (not a self-service) and you can order whatever you desire. Breakfast at the rooftop of this lovely hotel, when sun beams jump over the table and tickle your nose, while in front of you dominates one of the world’s most famous monuments, is a wonderful experience and the best possible start of the day in this magical city. As a matter of fact – everything what this hotel offers is wonderful and I am longing to return. Soon. As soon as possible.

Palazzo Manfredi is a *****  hotel and part of Relais & Chateaux.

For food lovers a little extra: some of the dishes from the Palazzo Manfredi’s restaurant Aroma Picture 48 Picture 52Picture 54Picture 53Picture 49Picture 50

Cheers, Giuseppe!  :)

Cheers, Giuseppe! 🙂


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