“La carta Marziale” by the chef Rosanna Marziale


La Carta Marziale is a menu, a booklet of short stories of products and recipes of the mental and physical journeys.

La Carta Marziale is an expression of the chef Rosanna Marziale, the expression of her creativity and restlessness, of her desire to learn, understand and incorporate. Flickig through the booklet, the reader can see where do the the products that Rosanna uses for creation of her dishes come from – with names and telephone numbers of the producers. Very useful information for the local people or tourists who want to create themselves a map of the culinary excellencies from Campania. Readers of course also get insight into what dishes are available at Le Colonne restaurants where Rosanna cooks every day except Tuesdays. Her tasting menu, a la carte and a brisk one for those who need to rush to work after a nice lunch.

RosannaRosanna Marziale was born in Caserta where she lives also today and spoils her guests with delicious dishes. Already since her young age she was very passionate about her father’s cuisine (her father was restaurant owner since 50′s) and in 1998 she became chef of the family restaurant Le Colonne in her home city.

Her cuisine is deeply local, with inspirations from Campania, but at the same time always open to experiments and fresh ideas. Rosanna Marziale’s sensitive approach doesn’t satisfy itself just with the tradition but moves to new interpretations of the local products of Campania.

She always loved to learn and to let herself inspire by the world that surrounds her. Between her teachers were also Martin Berasategui and Gianfranco Vissani. Also after her international experiences and journeys outside of her territory the main aim of Rosanna remains to make the products of her region more known and appreciated so she dedicates a lot of her attention in the transformation of the bufala products into something less common. Rosanna has been awarded by the Michelin guide with a star.


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