Bellavita Expo 2015 in London

Bellavista 2015 is coming to London!

Photo: courtesy of Bellavita

Photo: courtesy of Bellavita

Bellavita Expo is a B2B event aimed to increase the interaction of Italian producers and top buyers in every sector. Bellavita showcases the excel- lence of Made-in-Italy through international exhibitions, and between 2015 and 2020 Bellavita is targeted to become the global benchmark of Italian food and beverage.

The event takes place in London, 19-21 July 2015, after the successful 2014 launch. Last year, 200 Italian producers joined the Expo in London, showing their products to nearly 7,000 visitors, of which 72% were top buyers, experts and starred chefs.

At Bellavita 2015 professionals will not only find the best food and wine from Italy, they can talk directly with producers to understand the story of the product. This year buyers will be able to arrange B2B meetings with the exhibitors directly through the portal

Photo: courtesy of Bellavita

Photo: courtesy of Bellavita

During the Bellavita Expo London the Bellavita Theatre stage will host live events and presentations, cooking expe- riences with celebrities like Massimo Bottura, Giorgio Locatelli, Franceso Mazzei etc., wine tasting sessions, workshops with buyers and professionals, and regional traditions’ promotional initiatives …

During Bellavita Expo London, AIS, the Italian Association of Sommeliers, will select in competition the Best Sommelier in UK after a strict selection process. This competition is a unique occasion for producers to meet global wine gurus.

Bellavita will continue throughout the year with new events and projects. The Bellavita Shop is an e-commerce platform that will be online by November 2015, offering the best products seen at Bellavita Expo in London. It is a virtual market open 24 hours per day, displaying the excellence of Made-in-Italy for UK users.


Photo: courtesy of Bellavita

Photo: courtesy of Bellavita


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