Parabere – Bilbao, 1st and 2nd March 2015

  PARABERE Forum is an independent international platform featuring women’s views and voices on major food issues. The forum is committed to improving the state of the gastronomy, food, nutrition and agriculture by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society. Deploying women’s experience and expertise across all generations and geographies, it offers practical discussions … Continue reading

Henry Hargreaves, No Seconds Comfort Food and Photography

ArtMovie – ItalianaComunicazione production in collaboration with the Province of Venice, Irscesc Foundation and San Servolo Services curated by Chiara Casarin Venice, Island of San Servolo, Museum of Madness 7th September to 24th November 2013 Opens: Friday, September 6th , 2013, 6.00 pm (by invitation) At the Museum of Madness of San Servolo, the first … Continue reading

London Design Festival announces programme for 2013 (14 – 22 September 2013)

September will see the eleventh year of the London Design Festival, one of the most important events on the global design calendar. The Festival will again present a programme that celebrates and challenges design, from large-scale landmark initiatives to an array of satellite destinations, districts and hotspots covering the breadth of London. Key features of 2013 … Continue reading

Musicians’ backstage as seen by photographer Henry Hargreaves

Rider is a contract clause which indicates a series of conditions which have to be respected from at least two parts. Those, used by musicians, which indicate how they want to have prepared their dressing room and which food and drinks they want, can be also very entertaining. Let’s remember  This is Spinal Tap to imagine how … Continue reading

El Somni – the gastronomic opera by El Celler de Can Roca

It was a nice morning in London last Monday when we have gathered in Mandarin Oriental, a nice international crowd  of food and travel journalists and opinionmakers, for the Catalonian breakfast with the legendary Roca brothers (El Celler de Can Roca) and tonight (6th May) is the day when premiere of El Somni will happen. … Continue reading

Fascinating monograph – Vipavska – colours, scents, flavours

The valley of mansions, castles and farmsteads between the Kras and the Trnovo forest, Nanos plateau and the Soča River, offers a deep variety of characteristic colours, scents and flavours to expert as well as amateur lovers of wine and cuisine. Readers now have at their disposal a rich monograph titled Vipavska – colours, scents, … Continue reading

Hommage to Mark Rothko

Do you love art? I know you love food! If you love both you will love creative food art, especially when it pays tribute to great artists. On this ocassion here is a group of photos that replicate the painting style of Mark Rothko. The twist? The homage is done with colored rice. This amazing art … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and happy 2012!

I can, therefore I am. (Simone Weil) We can, that’s why I’m looking forward to a sparkling, happy and successful coming year. Daring dreams, heartfelt smiles, warm hugs, creative minds, helping hands and open hearts are my wishes for you for a merry Christmas and wonderful 2012. Andreja Lajh

Call for the thirteenth edition of the International Award “Casato Prime Donne” 2011

Prime Donne is the name of an international award for the science of wine making, journalism, and photography that celebrates as a “Prima Donna” a female figure that is of example or of help to other women. Prime Donne is the name of the first great Italian red wine – Brunello – selected by female tasters and destined for … Continue reading

Slovenian artist Marjetica Potrč between the 10 most important artists of today

Newsweek has on June 5th listed the 10 most important artists of today. Between them is also Slovenian artists Marjetica Potrč. And who are the others? Gillian Wearing, Christian Marclay, Artur Zmijewski, Tacita Dean, Sophie Calle, Francis Alys, Jeff Wall, Jeff Koons and “enfant terrible” of the British art Damien Hirst. Newsweek writes about her: She builds better … Continue reading