Sleeping in London: Metropolitan hotel, Mayfair

Spaciousness, airiness and lightness, view open at the vastness of Hyde park and proverbial kindness with obligingness on one of the most famous streets of Mayfair –  the renowned Park Lane – mark the prestigious Metropolitan hotel, in which resides also the famous restaurant Nobu. Mayfair is one of the richest areas of the central London, … Continue reading

Green Superfood | Discover Green Superfoods and how Food Matters | FOODMATTERS®

See on – Food, wine and other pleasures Green superfoods have the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals to protect and heal the body. See on

iPhone accessory kit that enables home testing of the ‘organicity’ of the food

For consumers making the choice to buy organic foods, often at a markup, it can be difficult for them to know for sure that what they are getting is the real deal. A new app and iPhone accessory kit, Lapka, is offering a solution to that problem, enabling people to test the ‘organicity’ of their food … Continue reading

Regular glass of wine ‘helps prevent thinning bones just like drugs’

Good news for all women who are winelovers! Researchers concluded that one or two glasses of wine a day worked well as drugs at maintaining bone strength. A review team from the International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research found regular moderate intake of alcohol after menopause helped maintain bone strength. The experts, who analysed a study … Continue reading

Eating habits: The Marilyn Monroe diet

What did Marilyn Monroe eat when she wanted to lose a few pounds ? Apparently, a very hearty diet. Hollywood’s most revered actress kept her curves in good shape by following a high-protein and low fat diet. The kicker? The diet allowed her to enjoy a nightcap of eggnog. Let’s not forget this was back in the … Continue reading

An all natural “supercandy” ups your game with its performance-driven ingredients

Recognizing that most people think about candy first and nutrition second, the just-announced line of SNAP Infusion Supercandy seeks to provide snackers with both. Each biodegradable package of candy contains a daily dose of B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes delivered via patented “SNAP bead” microcapsules. There’s no pretense that these are “health” food; the creators wanted to … Continue reading

Embracing Spring with Artisanal Teas

Need a gentle and uplifting brew in the morning? Luxury tea makers Gryphon have created an Artisan Spring Selection, a 6 piece collection that aims to calm and reinvigorate your palette after a long, bleak winter. Made from top quality handpicked tea leaves from the world’s best tea regions, Gryphon Tea Company teas are freshly blended … Continue reading

Dark chocolate better then the fruit juice

Great news for chocolate lovers: new research published February 7 in Chemistry Central Journal claims that chocolate contains more antioxidants (polyphenols and flavanols) than fruit juice. Take note: the research was conducted by Hershey. When researchers at the Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition compared antioxidants in dark chocolate to those in fruit juice powder, they … Continue reading

Food Companies And Health Science

Nestle’s announcement that it’s expanding rapid fire into the new world of Health Sciences is evidence that it there’s a massive opportunity for food to get closer to the world of pharma and possibly provide an alternative. Nestle obviously has a head start in this space as it’s been part of its vision for years, but … Continue reading

Marijuana ice-cream is high in California

High scream is a new word used at the county’s newest medical marijuana dispensary, where half pints of Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate Brownie marijuana-infused ice creams sell alongside more run-of-the-mill bags of pot. There’s no consumption on-site, of course, but card-carrying marijuana patients have the choice at the new Creme De Canna … Continue reading