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Dear all, CdC is an old outdated project. I am looking forward to welcoming you at Haut de Gamme, my new site. Best wishes, Andreja

Virgilio Martinez and Mater Iniciativa in London on 12th March at Lima Floral

Virgilio Martinez, one of the best chefs in the world (currently no. 15 on World’s 50 best restaurants and no. 1 in the Latin America) is known for his passion for the ingredients and his perfectionism in everything he does. He is also founder of the project Mater Iniciativa and creator of dishes which are an explosion of flavours … Continue reading

A quick interview with Enrico Cerea during the month of his cuisine at Harrods

As already indicated in the previous posts, the whole month of October, Harrods is hosting the great cuisine created by the Cerea brothers within the series of lunches/dinners Stelle di Stelle. Brothers Cerea, who are the owners of the three Michelin starred Da Vittorio in Brusaporto (Bergamo), are between the most beloved Italian chefs. In … Continue reading

Interview: Alfonso Caputo, Taverna del Capitano, Marina del Cantone (Italy)

Alfonso Caputo was born into a family with a big heart. And cordiality, warmth and generosity are beside his excellent cuisine, which explodes with mouth watering tastes of the sea, the greatest values of this restaurant with wonderful views at the bay . Whole family works in the restaurant and you can feel it. Experiences like this are more … Continue reading

Interview: Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca, Spain)

When 27 years ago Joan and Josep Roca created their own restaurant beside the one of their parents, they started to realize their own dream. Chef Joan and sommelier Josep were later joined by their younger brother Jordi, who is master of the sweet pleasures. Six years ago they moved into their own space where … Continue reading

Andrea Matranga’s dreaming in Japan

Italian gastronomy is well known in the world. But story of chef Andrea Mantranga is something special. Born in Sicily in 1968, he is known for his deep approach to the cuisine where nothing happens just casually. He loves to explore new ingredients and techniques and creates with his poetical nature masterpieces which are like … Continue reading

Interview with chef Davide Botta, restaurant L’Artigliere, Isola della Scala (Verona)

Great Italian chef and a humble and very heartfelt person, Davide Botta, has moved from Brescia, where he has created his restaurant L’Artigliere (and won with it a Michelin star) to a new location, Isola della Scala (Verona). Name stays the same, just location is new. Davide says he is living his dream. In this … Continue reading

Interview: Pier Bussetti, Castello di Govone, Govone (Piemonte, Italia)

Pier Bussetti, young chef from Piemonte, who has this year gained his first Michelin star is an artist in the best sense of the world. His plates are artworks which express the deepest harmony between the taste and form. Great creativity, research, innovation and  sensibility have put Pier Bussetti not only between the best italian … Continue reading

Interview: Corrado Fasolato, Met (Venice, Italy)

Corrado Fasolato was learning from the legends worldwide. This, his sensibility and strong creativity (he invented some new techniques which are patented) has raised him into  a legend also himself. Already young he gained two Michelin stars and is till this moment still the only chef in Venice to have two of them. He invites … Continue reading

Interview: Nino Di Costanzo, Il Mosaico, Terme Manzi (Ischia, Italy)

Nino di Costanzo, young but very successful chef with two Michelin stars creates his plates like canvas on which he conjures compositions of colours, forms and tastes. His art works seem inspired by Mondrian, Kandinsky and other abstract painters just that they are eatable – and  more  – as same as they are pleasant for … Continue reading