What Will We Be Eating In 20 Years’ Time?

Volatile food prices and a growing population mean we have to rethink what we eat, say food futurologists. So what might we be serving up in 20 years’ time? It’s not immediately obvious what links Nasa, the price of meat and brass bands, but all three are playing a part in shaping what we will … Continue reading

The Exquisite Pink Pigeon Rum

The Pink Pigeon is one of the rarest birds in the world and flies free in the skies of Mauritius, the tropical paradise of the Indian Ocean. Some of the world’s finest sugar cane is also grown there on the Medine Estate. It is from this natural source that this exquisite and rare rum comes from. Uniquely added, hand-picked vanilla from … Continue reading

His majesty Asparagus

Asparagus is a long-lived perennial, grown for its young tender shoots and ornamental foliage, and has been used as food for thousands of years. Pliny the Elder described cultivation methods used by the Romans for producing plants with blanched stems and of a cultivar producing spears of which three weighed a pound. Wild asparagus still … Continue reading

10th of December – Terra Madre Day

On Terra Madre Day 2010 this December 10, the 700 events organized so far will put local food at centre stage. In the second edition of the event, more than one hundred countries will bring together local Slow Food networks of farmers, producers, schools, cooks, and members in creative events to celebrate local food, with many … Continue reading

Bridle Road Residence – Cape Town, South Africa

Bridle Road Residence in Cape Town, South Africa, is a beautiful example of a sizeable structure that does not impose itself onto the landscape at the base of Table Mountain. The single-family residence does not look massive or overly grand, but instead exudes a classic elegance with Scandinavian/Japanese lightness, precision and scale. The proportions and … Continue reading

Nostalgy Express – the World’s Most Luxury Trains

Ever since Agatha Christie’s classic detective tale Murder on the Orient Express hit the screens with Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot, the Pullman has attained cult status. With their chugging locomotive engines, lovingly restored carriages, period style furnishings, elegant bars and restaurants and viewing cars resplendent with well-stocked libraries, the Pullman is a symbol of … Continue reading

The hottest new hotels in 2010

Showing amazing resilience, the art of hotel innovation is flourishing. Condé Nast Traveller combed through the thousands that debuted in the last year, then bedded down anonymously at the most compelling candidates. A robust 134 properties spread across a record 55 countries won a place on their list with their blend of style, service, technology, … Continue reading