El Somni – the gastronomic opera by El Celler de Can Roca

It was a nice morning in London last Monday when we have gathered in Mandarin Oriental, a nice international crowd  of food and travel journalists and opinionmakers, for the Catalonian breakfast with the legendary Roca brothers (El Celler de Can Roca) and tonight (6th May) is the day when premiere of El Somni will happen. … Continue reading

Perrier-Jouët unveils “Lost time” at Design Miami 2012

Perrier-Jouët is proud to unveil Lost Time by Glithero for Perrier-Jouët, a newly commissioned installation and exhibition space by London-based designers Glithero*, at Design Miami/ 2012**. Perrier-Jouët, the exclusive champagne partner and first time exhibitor of Design Miami/, invited Glithero to create an installation inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, a prominent theme at this year’s Design … Continue reading

Hommage to Mark Rothko

Do you love art? I know you love food! If you love both you will love creative food art, especially when it pays tribute to great artists. On this ocassion here is a group of photos that replicate the painting style of Mark Rothko. The twist? The homage is done with colored rice. This amazing art … Continue reading

Drink Away Art

Forget about wandering through an art gallery and wondering if you’re the only one who has no idea what anything means. Acess Agency has brilliantly invited the cultural elite to grab a glass at an exhibition in Dresden, Germany, and drink away the art. Regardless of what we do or do not understand about art, we can all … Continue reading

A paradise with a view: Villa Grazioli, Grottaferrata (Rome)

There are many wonderful places in this world, but between them there are some very special places which really enchant you with their beauty which is not a common beauty but a mix of so many wonderful things that it feels like magic. Villa Grazioli is one of those. Not only because of its artistic … Continue reading

Baccarat and Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck describes his long-standing collaboration with luxury brand Baccarat as a “sparkling, surreal cocktail.” The renowned designer’s latest work for the French crystalware-makers has been to create a new glass for that “cocktail.” To celebrate the 170th anniversary of Baccarat’s classic mouth-blown crystal glass collection, the Harcourt, Starck turned the flutes black. “I never … Continue reading

Liquid Sculptures That Only Last for an Instant

When Jackson Pollock invented his iconic “drip painting” method, the messes he made could at least be claimed as part of the finished product. Queens-based sculptor Shinichi Maruyama doesn’t have it that easy. His delicate “water sculptures” only last for a split second before splattering lifelessly onto his studio floor. But thanks to high-speed photography, Maruyama can … Continue reading

Firma by Sanja Grcić in NY

Politicaly noncorrect, nontrendy pop, postcommunist global, worldy East European, urban bohemian, street couture, colourful black – for new world order adventurers. Time is now; winter collection Awekened at 7am, breakfest on the table, children in daycare, boss in the office, shopping, cooking lunch, caught in traffic jam, a meeting, dishes washed up, lady in black … Continue reading

Food Photographer Ryan Matthew Smith

The lead lensman and photo editor behind the forthcoming book “Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking,” photographer Ryan Matthew Smith captures food and drink with a keen eye for composition, detail and delectability. In a recent interview with Feature Shoot, Smith discusses the making of the 2,400-page tome and his contribution to making the book … Continue reading

Martell supports Versailles: A partnership of excellence

Excellence Versailles represents the exquisite perfection that artists and master craftsmen can achieve, and the Palace plays a leading role in promoting French culture and art around the world. Versailles was also a temple of innovative and subtle gastronomic excellence. From its very beginnings in 1715, the same year as the reign of Louis XIV ended, … Continue reading