Hel Yes – combining gastronomy, design and dance

HEL YES! Stockholm was an experimental social gathering in February this year that combined gastronomy, design and dance. Restaurateur Antto Melasniemi together with artist Klaus Haapaniemi and designer Mia Wallenius planned HEL YES! events in London and Helsinki last year and the year before drawing in full crowds. HEL YES! project explores the spiritual powers of … Continue reading

Drink Away Art

Forget about wandering through an art gallery and wondering if you’re the only one who has no idea what anything means. Acess Agency has brilliantly invited the cultural elite to grab a glass at an exhibition in Dresden, Germany, and drink away the art. Regardless of what we do or do not understand about art, we can all … Continue reading

Stay the night. Steal the art.

Up for a challenge?  Steal Banksy.  Book your Melbourne accommodation at Art Series Hotels between 15 Dec – 15 Jan and if you find a Banksy, steal it.  If you don’t get caught, it’s yours to keep, but if you do, then back on the wall it goes. As research has proved, guests will steal plenty of … Continue reading


Design Miami/, the global forum for design, is proud to announce that German designer Konstantin Grcic has been selected as this year’s recipient of the Designer of the Year Award. New work commissioned for the fair, along with an exhibition of highlights from Grcic’s career, curated by Grcic himself, will be presented at the December … Continue reading

Domingo Tótora’s bowls

The beauty of Domingo Tótora’s work not only manifests itself in the final product that one might acquire, but in the process itself. From the designer’s philosophy and respect of the environment, the location of the studio and the way the work is produced, all the way to the final product. NA certified sustainable process, recycled … Continue reading

The intuitive touch

A simple dream, a simple reality. This is the “Gesture” remote control. It’s sort of a ring shape, made to fit in your hand, made to be intuitive to your touch. Using GestIC by IDENT Technology AG, Gesture is one giant trackpad with clicker embedded in. Made for your television, but think of the video … Continue reading

One dress for 365 days – The Uniform Project

Did you know that you’ll need 1350 litres of water to produce one single cotton T-shirt?! The fashion industry is the second largest industry next to agriculture in terms of water consumption. Qi Global 2010 speaker and Elle’s Woman of the Year Sheena Matheiken proves with her Uniform Project that fashion and sustainability are not … Continue reading

A decadent delight of tastes

Imagine enjoying foods prepared by Michelin Star chefs served inside the stomach of an dinosaur or ricocheting off the walls of a bouncy castle room that resembles the inside of a human stomach. As bizarre as this all sounds, this is what Bompas and Parr have created as part of ‘The Complete History of Food’ … Continue reading