Interview: Tomaž Prinčič (Prinčič winery, Kozana/Brda, Slovenia)

On the family farm Prinčič from Kozana in Brda they cultivate grapevine since many generations and create it’s noble product. The old writings from 1848 talk about the Prinčič family as vine and fruit growers. Since generations the tradition of collaboration with nature and protection of the nature and it’s quality products transferred to the … Continue reading

Interview: Marjan Simčič, Simčič winery, Ceglo/Brda, Slovenia

The Simčič wines (attention – we are this time talking about Marjan Simčič, not Edi Simčič, who also creates excellent and well known wines!) are for sure between the best known Slovenian wines abroad. His often awarded wines from the Slovenian Brda region (part of the vineyards are also in Italian Collio) are known as … Continue reading

An Edible Art Book Made From Sugar Paste

Here’s a brilliant way to get kids excited about art museums: Turn all the boring stuff — the exhibit catalogs and the signage and the like — into 55 pounds of mouth-watering, teeth-rotting, brain-addling candy. Apparently, it works for adults, too, because Andreas Pohancenik’s graphics for the exhibition Design Criminals — made entirely, fantastically out sugar … Continue reading

Christmas Around the World

Christmas is near. Every nation celebrates it in a bit different way. Have a look: IN EUROPE In Austria In every Austrian Christmas market you will find traditional little cakes called “Kekse,” without which Christmas wouldn’t be complete on this side of the Alps. In Belgium In many regions of Belgium, it just wouldn’t be … Continue reading

Win two of four free tickets for Ein Prosit

November is always a month of intense enogastronomical happenings. From the 18th till the 21st of November will take place also Ein Prosit. Location of this enogastronomical event in Malborghetto-Tarvisio in Italy, but practically on the border with Slovenia and Austria, is a perfect location for celebration of the best of the enogastronomy of all … Continue reading

Presentation of Ein Prosit at Zemono

The Ein Prosit festival which was at the beginning created to promote the territory of Treviso and it’s surroundings has grown into an important meeting point for wine and gastronomy. Situated practically on the border between three countries (Italy, Slovenia and Austria) it’s a wonderful melting point of the three cultures and will present this … Continue reading

In the discovery of the Wide World of Beer

As almost any substance containing certain sugars can undergo spontaneous fermentation due to wild yeasts in the air, it is probable that beer-like beverages were independently invented among various cultures throughout the world. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was (like wine) produced about 7,000 years ago in what is today Iran, … Continue reading