Evening with chefs Marko Pavčnik & Uroš Štefelin at restaurant Pavus – this time with beer

Marko Pavčnik is absolutely between my favourite Slovenian chefs. His dishes are always the right mix of creativity and harmony. And most of all – he knows how to exalt the taste. So I’m happy to announce the evening which are creatig Marko Pavčnik and his lovely wife Katja in their restaurant Pavus together with … Continue reading

Taste 2011: Love Food, Love Taste!

  LOVE FOOD, LOVE TASTE! is slogan of the salon-event dedicated to the best tastes of the Italian lifestyle and table design, which happened in Florence from March 12th to 14th. This year 250 companies from all the Italy participated in this journey of the good, beautiful, colourful between fruit jams, mustards, pasta, beer, chocolate, … Continue reading

New beer brand offers company shares with each carton sold

Rather than being crowdfunded in the manner of BeerBankroll or OurBrew, Broo is a new Australian beer brand that is giving away shares in its new company with each purchase made. Launched on Australia Day in January this year, Broo aims to be Australian through and through. Now, as part of a one-time offer that continues through the … Continue reading

Infinium – Champagne-like Beer

Over 60 percent of men would opt to toast with beer versus champagne, if given the choice.  Thanks to Infinium™, a crisp, new champagne-like beer that sets a new standard in brewing, men now have the ultimate drink with which to celebrate this holiday season. Debuting in early December, the premiere sparkling brew is the … Continue reading

A Beer for Zero Gravity

With space tourism moving ever closer to reality, it only makes sense that enterprising companies would look for ways to capitalize on the coming boom by developing customer-centric amenities fit for zero gravity. To that end, the world’s first beer specially brewed and bottled for the unique conditions of outer space has been created in a joint venture … Continue reading

Ferran Adria’s Beer

It’s always exciting to see how a chef expands his creative repertoire and that’s exactly what the molecular gastronomy master, Ferran Adrià, has done. The famous El Bulli chef has launched also the Inedit beer. Brewed for the 100 year-old brewery Estrella Damm in Barcelona, Adrià  spent two years perfecting the recipe that evolved over some 400 versions. … Continue reading

In the discovery of the Wide World of Beer

As almost any substance containing certain sugars can undergo spontaneous fermentation due to wild yeasts in the air, it is probable that beer-like beverages were independently invented among various cultures throughout the world. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was (like wine) produced about 7,000 years ago in what is today Iran, … Continue reading

Massage and beer please …

Beef-lovers know that fat makes a huge difference when it comes to quality meat. Less fatty animals, like the French Charolais, aren’t always the best choice (their meat is less tender). Marbled meat a la Kobe beef is the best bet when it comes to a delicious meaty treat. The Japanese have created a cult-like … Continue reading