Chandon Limited Edition Brut Classic for London Olympics 2012

The limited edition Brut Classic is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, and blended with 10 to 20 percent Reserve wines from previous harvests. The wine goes through a second fermentation in the bottle to attain citrus spices layered over notes of almond and caramel. California winery Chandon has released a limited-edition bottle … Continue reading

Bardot – ice-creamy love … falling in love with ice-cream

In California, newcomer Bardot Ice Cream is the latest craze:  shops have been designed by award-winner architect Ana Henton, while renowned creative agency Landor Associates craftily imagined a striking visual identity. We have simply fallen in love with the overall creative concept! Branded tell-tale names (« Forbidden fruit », « French Kiss », « Heart of darkness », Acapulco love »), Bardot ice creams are packaged in … Continue reading

Foie gras lovers scrambling as California ban nears

Sunday marks a turning point in the culinary calendar of California when a ban enacted nearly eight years ago on foie gras – the gourmet food made from the fattened livers of force-fed ducks and geese – takes effect. In advance of the July 1 date, some businesses have moved out of state and others … Continue reading

Virgin America: The affordable luxury skies

It’s a truism – not to mention a first world problem – to say that once you’ve experienced first class air travel, you’ll never want to turn right on an airplane ever again. Unfortunately, as habits go, paying for upgraded travel makes heroin look cost-effective – costing somewhere in the order of $1,000 an hour … Continue reading

For the romantics: the romantic hotels

The world is for those who are in love with it. Here is a list of some of the most romantic hotels selected by Gayot. From sophisticated urban pieds-à-terre to chic secluded safari tents. We know that there are even more and maybe even more beautiful places so suggest us also your favourites. But first … Continue reading

LVMH continuing to push high-end luxury in China with sparkling wine under Chandon label

Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton – LVMH – is continuing to push high-end luxury in China with a new venture to produce and sell sparkling wine under the Chandon label. LVMH has a 163-acre vineyard in China in place, and will build a winery nearby. LVMH will work with local partners to produce the wine, but … Continue reading

Interview: Marjan Simčič, Simčič winery, Ceglo/Brda, Slovenia

The Simčič wines (attention – we are this time talking about Marjan Simčič, not Edi Simčič, who also creates excellent and well known wines!) are for sure between the best known Slovenian wines abroad. His often awarded wines from the Slovenian Brda region (part of the vineyards are also in Italian Collio) are known as … Continue reading

A Tokyo-born chef and a former vegetarian butcher locally-sourced meats in L.A.

Erika “Grundy” Nakamura and Amelia “Lindy” Posada are readying their knives and cleavers to butcher the finest sustainable California meats. Opening up shop in L.A., Lindy & Grundy will peddle locally-sourced charcuterie including Rancho San Julian beef, Reride Ranch pork, Sonoma Direct lamb and Rainbow Ranch Farms chicken. After studying the art of butchering at Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic … Continue reading

Dog friendly restaurants

Given the USD 47.7 billion US consumers alone are expected to spend on their pets this year, it’s not entirely surprising to see the likes of the Sniff Dog Hotel and the many other pet-focused innovations we’ve seen emerge in recent months. Along the lines of Fido Factor, in fact, one more we recently spotted gives consumers a … Continue reading

Marijuana ice-cream is high in California

High scream is a new word used at the county’s newest medical marijuana dispensary, where half pints of Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate Brownie marijuana-infused ice creams sell alongside more run-of-the-mill bags of pot. There’s no consumption on-site, of course, but card-carrying marijuana patients have the choice at the new Creme De Canna … Continue reading