The hidden magic

Deep in the middle of the Karst, in a small village of Praprot/Prepotto there is a magic hidden deep under the ground. The great winemaker Benjamin Zidarich was working 8 years to create one of the most beautiful wine cellars in this part of Europe. A wine cellar that is 20 m / 5 floors … Continue reading

Carpe Diem Club in Revija GT (GT Magazine)

In the summer issue of the Revija GT there was an article presenting Carpe Diem Club – our mission, plans and events (presented was also our last event with Irena Fonda). For more check the link to the article. Read the text in Slovenian language. Read short presentation in english. Big thank you to Jakica Jesih … Continue reading

The evening with the winemakers from Veneto

Article about the presentation of the italian wines “Le Vigne di San Pietro” (presented by Carlo Nerozzi) and “Le Colture” (presented by Alberto Ruggeri) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the restaurant Restavracija JB (the great dinner was created by Janez Bratovž). The event was organized by Carpe Diem Club. PR for Slovenia: Andreja Lajh, PR for … Continue reading

Bubbles that have the winning factor in their DNA

Carlo Nerozzi (Le Vigne di San Pietro), Janez Bratovž (JB Restaurant) and Alberto Ruggeri (Le Colture) It looks like some bubbles have the winning factor in their DNA, these are the wines that will triumph not only in the native land but also abroad. We are talking about the bubbles of Valdobbiadene DOCG Dry `Cartizze’ … Continue reading

And God created … pardon: And chef created …

Photo: Michel Neven Every great chef knows it and every gourmet understands it: Base of every great meal are the great ingredients. That’s why the chefs don’t care only about the creations and preparations of the great plates but they also keep track of the local producers, educate them, collaborate with them and support them. … Continue reading

Carpe Diem at the sea…

CDC at the sea

On the photo (by Michel Neven): Irena Fonda (director of the Fonda seabass), Michelangelo Tagliente (sommelier from Veneto, Italy) and Andreja Lajh (the founder of the Carpe Diem Club) It was a wonderful day. We were caresed by the soft wind when we have met at the Dujc olive farm. The taste of different olive … Continue reading

The seabass that even angels would eat

Did you know that cultivated Fonda seabass contains 15 times less Mercury then wild seabass and that it was choosen as better tasting then wild seabass by 9 from 10 top italian chefs? Fish which you buy on the marketplace or in the shops is not really totally fresh. The Fonda seabass has the freshness guaranty. And … Continue reading

Dream vacation in South Africa

Dreaming about a wonderful vacation in South Africa? South Africa is a dream destination because of the wild nature, rich culture, nice climate etc. It offers wonderful waves to the surfers, many great golf places for the golfers, willd nature for all who like trekking or just simple nice walks and discoveries of a completely … Continue reading

Sirica, Feudi’s Latest Indigenous Gem

Feudi di San Gregorio in Campania is an estate that is continually at the forefront of this region’s ever-changing wine scene. Their newest wine, from a centuries-old variety, is Sirica, a sublime and dynamic red.

Carpe Diem at the Sea

Irena Fonda

Spend a wonderful day full of pleasures and new experiences at the slovene seaside. Get to know wonderful people, wonderful places and great food and wines. (SLO, IT & ENG translations)