Danny Young, the new exciting talent from the NW of England

British people know it well: It is not just about London when we talk about the exciting names in the British cuisine. When quite some chefs in London have to be careful to cook dishes which are most of all very likeable to attract large variety of guests to keep their restaurant always busy (restaurant costs here are very high so they … Continue reading

“La carta Marziale” by the chef Rosanna Marziale

La Carta Marziale is a menu, a booklet of short stories of products and recipes of the mental and physical journeys. La Carta Marziale is an expression of the chef Rosanna Marziale, the expression of her creativity and restlessness, of her desire to learn, understand and incorporate. Flickig through the booklet, the reader can see where do the the products that Rosanna uses for creation … Continue reading

The easiest way to (not) lose guests – a quick advice for the restaurant owners

I am a food lover. Give me a great dish and I will forget everything around me. Or at least I always thought so. But not after what happened to me recently at a Michelin starred restaurant in London. You might win me over quickly with great cooking – but you will lose me just as … Continue reading

Interview: Alfonso Caputo, Taverna del Capitano, Marina del Cantone (Italy)

Alfonso Caputo was born into a family with a big heart. And cordiality, warmth and generosity are beside his excellent cuisine, which explodes with mouth watering tastes of the sea, the greatest values of this restaurant with wonderful views at the bay . Whole family works in the restaurant and you can feel it. Experiences like this are more … Continue reading

Interview: Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca, Spain)

When 27 years ago Joan and Josep Roca created their own restaurant beside the one of their parents, they started to realize their own dream. Chef Joan and sommelier Josep were later joined by their younger brother Jordi, who is master of the sweet pleasures. Six years ago they moved into their own space where … Continue reading

Photo gallery: Art of the poor cuisine with Ana Roš and Cristiano Tomei

This was our April event and if you ask me, it was definitely one of the best. I’m sorry if you have missed it! It was a wonderful atmosphere, full of positive energy and sense of humour that Cristiano brought with him from Tuscany. And the dishes! Such emotions as this time it’s difficult to … Continue reading

Art of the poor cuisine with Ana Roš and Lorenzo Cogo

SLO (bellow in EN) Večeri “Umetnost revne kuhinje”, plod sodelovanja med Ano Roš in Andrejo Lajh, ki k vsakemu dogodku povabita drugega gostujočega chefa, postavijo Ano Roš in njenega gosta pred izziv pripraviti vrhunske krožnike iz revnih sestavin.  Po večeru s Cristianom Tomejem, ki nas je vse neizmerno navdušil, vas vabim na šesti večer iz … Continue reading

Andrea Matranga’s dreaming in Japan

Italian gastronomy is well known in the world. But story of chef Andrea Mantranga is something special. Born in Sicily in 1968, he is known for his deep approach to the cuisine where nothing happens just casually. He loves to explore new ingredients and techniques and creates with his poetical nature masterpieces which are like … Continue reading


Nadia Santini, matriarch and head chef at Dal Pescatore in Mantova, Italy, has been named the 2013 Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef, part of the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. Marrying into a restaurant family, Nadia had never cooked professionally prior to walking into Dal Pescatore’s kitchen … Continue reading

Photo gallery: Art of the poor cuisine with Ana Roš and Franco Aliberti

Some photos from the last event.   All ended well. 150 guests in two days was a record for Ljubljana. See you in April: https://carpediemclub.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/art-of-the-poor-cuisine-ana-ros-and-cristiano-tomei/