The Casato Prime Donne Award 2011 goes to the Italian fashion stylist Carla Fendi

The Prima Donna of Fashion becomes the Prima Donna  of the Women  of Montalcino, the land of Brunello wine, which is where the award ceremony will take place on September 17th Carla Fendi,  a wonderful rising star in the Fashion World who has led Italian fashion to the summit of the world market, will  receive the Casato Prime Donne Award 2011.  This successful manager … Continue reading

Call for the thirteenth edition of the International Award “Casato Prime Donne” 2011

Prime Donne is the name of an international award for the science of wine making, journalism, and photography that celebrates as a “Prima Donna” a female figure that is of example or of help to other women. Prime Donne is the name of the first great Italian red wine – Brunello – selected by female tasters and destined for … Continue reading