Musicians’ backstage as seen by photographer Henry Hargreaves

Rider is a contract clause which indicates a series of conditions which have to be respected from at least two parts. Those, used by musicians, which indicate how they want to have prepared their dressing room and which food and drinks they want, can be also very entertaining. Let’s remember  This is Spinal Tap to imagine how … Continue reading

Cristal – Champagne of the Tsar and of the rap stars

Cristal has been a status symbol of club goers and entertainers who make specific mention of it in their music and everyday speech. It is often nicknamed stal, cris or crissy. A common price within the United States for a bottle is $350 or more. Whereas in the United Kingdom the bottles of Cristal are … Continue reading

Which is your favourite Champagne?

There is always some good reason to celebrate. And every celebration is an excellent reason to open a bottle of Champagne. Which one is your favourite? Luxist readers from around the world have nominated their favorite makers of champagne and sparkling wines. Here’s the list of the top five that made the list of the world’s … Continue reading

Champagne is undergoing redesign

The robust Champagne bottle designed by the Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon in the 17th century to contain the “devil’s wine” has become synonymous with opulence and celebration. However, the bottle, which was created in an attempt to prevent secondary fermentation and “explosions”, is undergoing a redesign in an attempt to cut carbon emissions. Its … Continue reading

Dom Perignon by Mark Newson

Since there was a big interest in the Dom Perignon’s tribute to Andy Warhol post I would like to add that Dom Perignon regulary takes care also about special designs – so in 2006 they involved the great Mark Newson. “What drew me to this project was my love of Dom Pérignon. My vision of … Continue reading

Dom Perignon’s Tribute to Andy Warhol

Luxury champagne company Dom Perignon is honoring Andy Warhol with a set of six different colorful labels. The tribute to the late pop artist of the 60s is especially touching since Dom Perignon has never changed its labels prior to this tribute. The colors of the bottles feature blue, red, violet, emerald-green, lilac and yellow, … Continue reading