Ritz-Carlton New York introduces an All Caviar package

Caviar, in a way, symbolizes luxury and its presence in any form is enough to make the experience luxurious. The Ritz Carlton New York, Central Park has created a package centered on caviar and justifiably it is called the All Caviar Package. Guests opting for it will be greeted with caviar martini on arrival. It is a … Continue reading

El Bulli is closed: World’s best restaurant’ served up extravagant 49-course last supper

The doors of El Bulli, one of the world’s most famous restaurants, have closed leaving 50 lucky diners with the taste of ‘clam meringue’ and ‘gorgonzola balloon’ lingering on their tastebuds. The few diners fortunate to eat at the three Michelin stars restaurant feasted on a 49-course menu which dazzled their palates with gastronomical delights … Continue reading