Edi Kante and his great wines at Evergreen restaurant

There are quite some great wine makers, but there are only a few legends. Edi Kante is one of them. He is not only a great winemaker but also the man who demonstrated that Karst is able to create great wines. He was the one who gave courage to the followers to believe in their … Continue reading

Teranum at Trieste and Karst

Karst is a territory of the strong natures. The “burja/bora” wind blows away the earth and so strong rocks are often more visible then the rare but precious red earth – terra rossa. So is also with people. The history of Karsic people is history of fights for survival, which made people strong and wise. … Continue reading

Discovering Karst and great wines of Benjamin Zidarich

This month we are inviting you on 21st of August to the Karst on the italian side of the border. We will get to know the territory, the culture/architecture and the local enogastronomy. The main part of the day will be dedicated to the great winemaker Benjamin Zidarich who’s one of the greatest masters of … Continue reading