La Grande Epicerie: gourmet shopping in Paris

In a city famous for fantastic food, it’s no small honor to be a regarded as Paris’ premier specialty store. La Grande Epicerie, located in the chic seventh arrondissement, has held that distinction for nearly a century. Situated in a 3,300-square-foot space, this gourmet market was established in 1923 as a food hall within Le Bon … Continue reading

Fun with fish: Learn directly from fishers and cooks

Photo: Archive Slow Food Slow Fish is back at the Genoa Fiera (Italy) from May 27 to 30, the fifth biannual international event dedicated to the world of fish and marine ecosystems. Debates, meetings, workshops and tastings will focus on issues linked to sustainable fishing and responsible seafood consumption.     In the Slow Food Education space within … Continue reading

All Around Sushi

What is sushi? Beginning as a method of preserving fish centuries ago, sushi has evolved into an artful, unique dining experience. In its earliest form, dried fish was placed between two pieces of vinegared rice as a way of making it last. The nori (seaweed) was added later as a way to keep one’s fingers from getting … Continue reading

Milan and his castle (Castle Socerb, Slovenia)

The castle of Socerb, which is situated in Slovenia, close to Koper (Capodistria) and Trieste, is a small castle. Very small. But great because of it’s beauty, because of the views it offers and because of Milan who is taking care of this wonderful monument and the restaurant which is situated in it already for … Continue reading

The beauty and the fish

The restaurant Dam was born five years ago and spoils its guests in Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Uroš Fakuč, the chef and owner was dreaming his dream of his own restaurant already 12 years ago, but he decided to take time and to learn from the great. He was traveling around the world and gathering experiences. … Continue reading

Discovering Karst and great wines of Benjamin Zidarich

This month we are inviting you on 21st of August to the Karst on the italian side of the border. We will get to know the territory, the culture/architecture and the local enogastronomy. The main part of the day will be dedicated to the great winemaker Benjamin Zidarich who’s one of the greatest masters of … Continue reading

The unfathomable set of rules for wine

Wine, perhaps more than any other perishable consumer good, is hidebound by an often unfathomable set of rules. By far the largest reader response was received for an article which suggested that we chill our wines too much. In the height of summer, it can get stiflingly hot and one craves a chilled glass of … Continue reading

The seabass that even angels would eat

Did you know that cultivated Fonda seabass contains 15 times less Mercury then wild seabass and that it was choosen as better tasting then wild seabass by 9 from 10 top italian chefs? Fish which you buy on the marketplace or in the shops is not really totally fresh. The Fonda seabass has the freshness guaranty. And … Continue reading