Recipe: Eggplant parmigiana by chef Alfonso Iaccarino

  Eggplant parmigiana recipe by Chef Alfonso Iaccarino from Don Alfonso restaurant in Sorrento: an easy Italian recipe for one of the tastiest vegetable dishes. Recipe: This recipe is taken from the book “La cucina del cuore” by Alfonso Iaccarino, published by Mondadori  

Rhubarb-infused caramel from Iceland

Nicknamed the “pie plant,” rhubarb is an ancient vegetable known as much for its medicinal qualities during the Liang dynasty as it is currently popular for its unusual tart flavor—perfect for desserts. The stalk is also interestingly a cold weather crop, making it ideal produce for the difficult climate of Iceland, where a few years … Continue reading

Photo gallery: Zelen wines from Vipava in Ljubljana at JB Restaurant (with Janez Bratovž and Matej Tomažič)

The priest Matija Vertovec has written in his book about winemaking in 1844, that Zelen is a special variety with “specially noble soul”. We can talk about an aromatic variety with a nice bouquet in which we will find the frutiness of apple, pear. People from Vipava have called Zelen “the scent” because it fulfills … Continue reading

Ana in Wonderland: Ana Roš has presented Koppert Cress

On Monday we have gathered on the castle of Ljubljana for a very special occasion: Koppert Cress, the company which cultivates micro plants of great flavours, hired Carpe Diem Club to present their products to the top Slovenian chefs and enogastronomical journalists. We decided to work in this occasion with Ana Roš, famous chef from … Continue reading