The secrets of Alain Ducasse

Last time we were talking about the importance of the raw material in the cuisine. This time we are presenting you the addresses where the top chef Alain Ducasse buys his ingredients. So next time you go to France you know where to search for the best: VEGETABLES AND TRUFFLES: Asparagus Jean-Pierre et Susanne Blanc … Continue reading

Crystals That Were Worth Gold

We all know it and use it every day. But how deeply do we know it really? Today we talk about salt. Although we use it every day and scarcely think about it, salt plays an essential role in human health, in manufacturing, and even in moderating global climate. Salt was once considered so valuable … Continue reading

The miniature kingdom of tastes

The poison is always hidden in the small bottles, people say. But this miniature herbs don’t contain poison. They are the purest experience of beauty and incredible tastes. The company Koppert Cress is bringing the tastes and beauty of the whole world to your plates. The selection of herbs from all over the world is … Continue reading

The art of pizza

Simone Padoan, owner and chef of the pizzeria I Tigli in San Bonifacio (Verona), is in Italy already a legend.  There are hot discussions going on concerning if he really is the best pizza creator in Italy and if his pizza is the real pizza. For sure it’s a very special one. Pizza for the … Continue reading

And God created … pardon: And chef created …

Photo: Michel Neven Every great chef knows it and every gourmet understands it: Base of every great meal are the great ingredients. That’s why the chefs don’t care only about the creations and preparations of the great plates but they also keep track of the local producers, educate them, collaborate with them and support them. … Continue reading

The soul of the Tuscany

People who write about enogastronomy are special people. They dedicate their life to the senses and passions, they develop a great sensibility for the flavours, parfumes, for the places and people. They live between earth and  sky. With hands touching at the same earth to keep track of the roots and  the sky to follow … Continue reading

The seabass that even angels would eat

Did you know that cultivated Fonda seabass contains 15 times less Mercury then wild seabass and that it was choosen as better tasting then wild seabass by 9 from 10 top italian chefs? Fish which you buy on the marketplace or in the shops is not really totally fresh. The Fonda seabass has the freshness guaranty. And … Continue reading

Carpe Diem at the Sea

Irena Fonda

Spend a wonderful day full of pleasures and new experiences at the slovene seaside. Get to know wonderful people, wonderful places and great food and wines. (SLO, IT & ENG translations)