15.0% Ice Cream Spoon

It is not an easy task to try to scoop out the rock hard frozen ice cream straight out of the freezer. The spoon they give you at the store seems too fragile and the regular spoon may hurt your hand. You may experience a psychic spoon bending! But you can’t wait till your ice … Continue reading

Bardot – ice-creamy love … falling in love with ice-cream

In California, newcomer Bardot Ice Cream is the latest craze:  shops have been designed by award-winner architect Ana Henton, while renowned creative agency Landor Associates craftily imagined a striking visual identity. We have simply fallen in love with the overall creative concept! Branded tell-tale names (« Forbidden fruit », « French Kiss », « Heart of darkness », Acapulco love »), Bardot ice creams are packaged in … Continue reading

Icecream displays: design and advanced technology conceived by Delineodesign

  Creamy and colourful: this is how the Italian and International makers of artisan gelato display their countless ice cream flavours. Delineodesign – the dynamic industrial design firm based in Veneto and led by Giampaolo Allocco  – has developed Lunette, the innovative gelato display case built by the Italian manufacturer IFI. The case offers complete … Continue reading

Hyper-Tapas Bar by Ferrran Adria

The cocktail bar 41o and the tapas bar Tickets is an hyper-tapas bar/restaurant located in Barcelona, in the midst of the theatre district. Owned by Ferran and Albert Adria and the three Iglesias brothers (from Rias de Galicia Restaurant), Tickets Restaurant consists of five theatre-type bars offering an evolution in traditional tapas;  even sweet tapas are served in … Continue reading

Ice-cream made from breast milk

A London ice-cream parlor called Icecreamists is making a splash with a special ice cream made from breast milk. The flavor, dubbed “Baby Gaga,” is made from the breast milk of a mother from nearby Leeds, Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest, according to the International Business Times. The eatery pays 15 pounds ($24) for every 10 ounces of … Continue reading

So good magazine

“So Good” is a biannual publication in English aimed at professionals of sweet and savory pastry, the chocolate and ice cream industry, as well as the world of dessert in general. It is an international magazine with a pronounced exclusive nature. Thanks to its international coverage, the most prominent master pastry chefs, máctres glaciers and … Continue reading

Interview: Ana Roš (Hiša Franko, Kobarid, Slovenia)

Ana Roš is definitely one of the best Slovenian chefs. Her creative approach, vivid spirit, wonderful curiosity and  world travels result in plates which talk stories – with roots in the local ground and head in the clouds. What has brought you into the culinary world and how did you decide to become a chef? … Continue reading

Carpigiani Gelato University, a school for aspiring ice-cream makers

The renowned Italian ice cream has its own “university” that is attracting thousands of would-be gelatieri drawn by the allure of serving a product that people love to eat coupled with the economic benefits of running a gelato business. Leonardo Scacchetti dreams of turning his café here to outside management so he can open a gelato … Continue reading

Grom – the best ice-cream in the world?

It must be special, the Grom ice-cream, which everyone who tasted it describes as the best ice-cream of the world. When Sarah Jessica Parker was talking about her visit of Florence the first thing which came into her mind were not the artistical treasures of Florence but the Grom ice-cream: What’s so special about this … Continue reading

Marijuana ice-cream is high in California

High scream is a new word used at the county’s newest medical marijuana dispensary, where half pints of Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate Brownie marijuana-infused ice creams sell alongside more run-of-the-mill bags of pot. There’s no consumption on-site, of course, but card-carrying marijuana patients have the choice at the new Creme De Canna … Continue reading