CalypsoCase – True European phone fashion design

Stylish and luxury handmade case for your iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung phone. Precision handcrafted from selected premium materials. Leather, titanium, black silver, silver, gold, zirconium. The perfect combination of craftsmanship and European design. CalypsoCase is a brand new, simply elegant and technologically advanced, precision handmade protection case for mobile phones like no other. Made from leather and titanium. … Continue reading

When fashion meets wine

Before you confuse this Bottega with the luxury cousin of Gucci, let us tell you: this is Distilleria Bottega, the company famous for their luscious grapes and have been in the Guinness Book of World Record for their wines. So now, the experts at Bottega have taken a step further and teamed up with American … Continue reading

Preserve your iPhone in a beautiful way

If there is one complaint about the iPhone 4, it’s how quickly the glass on the back becomes a scratched up mess. Frankly, we don’t think cases are much of a solution: Why would you want to hide that beautiful design, especially when so much of what makes it wonderful is how it feels in … Continue reading