Foie gras lovers scrambling as California ban nears

Sunday marks a turning point in the culinary calendar of California when a ban enacted nearly eight years ago on foie gras – the gourmet food made from the fattened livers of force-fed ducks and geese – takes effect. In advance of the July 1 date, some businesses have moved out of state and others … Continue reading

A disapointment: 10 Best Hotels in the World, according to Expedia

The top spot goes to the Slovakian boutique hotel, followed by Al Codega in Venice, Italy, and the Central American Hotel Royal Corin in Fortuna, Costa Rica, which holds the highest spot of any hotel outside of the US or Europe. More I was looking at this list more I was disappointed. There’s so much … Continue reading

Virgin America: The affordable luxury skies

It’s a truism – not to mention a first world problem – to say that once you’ve experienced first class air travel, you’ll never want to turn right on an airplane ever again. Unfortunately, as habits go, paying for upgraded travel makes heroin look cost-effective – costing somewhere in the order of $1,000 an hour … Continue reading

When fashion meets wine

Before you confuse this Bottega with the luxury cousin of Gucci, let us tell you: this is Distilleria Bottega, the company famous for their luscious grapes and have been in the Guinness Book of World Record for their wines. So now, the experts at Bottega have taken a step further and teamed up with American … Continue reading

A Tokyo-born chef and a former vegetarian butcher locally-sourced meats in L.A.

Erika “Grundy” Nakamura and Amelia “Lindy” Posada are readying their knives and cleavers to butcher the finest sustainable California meats. Opening up shop in L.A., Lindy & Grundy will peddle locally-sourced charcuterie including Rancho San Julian beef, Reride Ranch pork, Sonoma Direct lamb and Rainbow Ranch Farms chicken. After studying the art of butchering at Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic … Continue reading

Last-minute gifts at eight temporary holiday shops in eight cities around the world

  Toronto: Bicyclette Canadian clothing store Bicyclette transformed an already beautiful space into a winter wonderland for the last two weeks of December. Featured designers include Lauren Elan, Biko Jewellery, ScarfParty and Hart Boutique, among others. The shop is at 972 Queens Street and is open Tuesday through Sunday through 31 December 2010. Paris: Darkroom Focused … Continue reading

How to make perfect mulled wine

Mulled wine. Photograph: Tracy Hebden/Alamy Is mulled wine a guaranteed spirit raiser, or by far the worst thing about Christmas? What do you put in yours? On the first day of Christmas – well, December – I found myself waiting at an unusually fragrant bar. “Ooh, mulled wine!” said my friend, “brilliant!” And lo, despite … Continue reading

Firma by Sanja Grcić in NY

Politicaly noncorrect, nontrendy pop, postcommunist global, worldy East European, urban bohemian, street couture, colourful black – for new world order adventurers. Time is now; winter collection Awekened at 7am, breakfest on the table, children in daycare, boss in the office, shopping, cooking lunch, caught in traffic jam, a meeting, dishes washed up, lady in black … Continue reading

The best street food

Street cooks are magicians: With little more than a cart and a griddle, mortar, or deep-fryer, they conjure up not just a delicious snack or meal but the very essence of a place. Bite into a banh mi—the classic Vietnamese sandwich of grilled pork and pickled vegetables encased in a French baguette—and you taste Saigon: … Continue reading