Vinitaly report: Wine market trends in USA

Three questions help interpret the wine market in major and emerging consumer countries, three questions help explain how winemaking in changing in the light of evolution in consumer preferences and even climate change. Vinitaly posed six questions to the journalists and oenologists – among the most famous and qualified in the world – selected as … Continue reading

A Walk Around Cheese: Italy, Piedmont, from September 16 to 19, 2011

  Cheese is back in Bra, Piedmont, Italy from September 16 to 19, 2011. The international biennial event organized by the City of Bra and Slow Food is now in its eighth edition. Cheese unfolds around the streets of Bra’s historic center, and the open-air stalls, food kiosks, live entertainment and opportunities for tasting and … Continue reading

Nudo Cioccolatini: Olive oil chocolates made by a local Italian community (nuns too)

  With chocolatiers known simply as “Ivan and Michele” and packaged by local nuns, Nudo‘s new olive oil Cioccolatini are a community project from top to bottom. Based in Italy’s Le Marche region, Nudo (a family-run operation itself) tapped Ivan and Michele to take their astounding olive oil in a sweet direction—but not without a few road bumps along the … Continue reading