Molecular Cuisine in the Home Kitchen

Liquid nitrogen ice cream, sodium alginate pearls, goose liver whipped cream…these are the results of molecular cuisine, which also teaches how to produce 6.34 gallons of mayonnaise with only one egg yolk. Indeed, the term molecular cuisine is meaningless except to a small elite who are familiar with the chemistry, synthetic products and latest technology necessary … Continue reading

X Species supper club: A new model for eating our way through ecosystems

In a time of environmental concern, it is important to begin creating new ways of supporting an ecosystem approach to consumption. The X-Species Supper club is a non-traditional supper club that explores the depth and complexity of our interconnections with nonhumans, using the convivial nature of a dinner party to reveal the web that traces … Continue reading

The Tastemaker – Rob Baan

Frans Hals’ The Laughing Cavalier may still have something to smile about in 21st century Holland: forget jaded impressions of polders, dykes and vintage Gouda, a new wave of Dutch gastronomy is gathering momentum. The Netherlands may be a flat country, famed for Van der Valk and greenhouses, but its steep ascent in modern cooking is … Continue reading

Cuisine goes multi-sensorial – Arzak

Eindhoven/Madrid, the Netherlands/Spain – During the 8th international gastronomy summit, madridfusión, Arzak and Philips Design present a series of concepts intended not only to delight palates, but also evoke emotion and stimulate the senses. The latest project from the Philips Design Probes program is a multi-sensorial concept using an integration of sensory stimuli that subtly … Continue reading