The most sinful tastes

The Chinese may enthuse about the perfect swallow’s nest and the Russians can’t seem to get enough of borscht. There are only a few rare delicacies, like the serial-killer puffer fish, however, that can actually make eating a deadly endeavor. Meanwhile, some legendary foods travel around the world before they make their way onto diners’ … Continue reading

Oscietra Flor de Sal Malassol Caviar

Zwyer Caviar farms raises hand processed Oscietra Flor de Sal Malassol caviar (Malassol stands for “slightly salted”) is noted for its gastronomic excellence, equal only to the best from the Caspian Sea. ZwyerCaviar’s large sized Oscietra comes exclusively from the Russian and its sister sturgeon the Siberian sturgeon. For ZwyerCaviar the roe is collected at … Continue reading