Oysters Come Back in Vogue

In Falmouth, October marks the beginning of the oyster season. For centuries, this small fishing village on the southwest coast of England has welcomed seafarers and fisherman to dredge its wild oyster beds, which lay dotted along the silt flats of the Fal estuary. Their prize is the native or flat oyster—a sweet, delicate, saucer-shaped … Continue reading

CDC event: Ana in Wonderland. Ana Roš presents Koppert Cress

We are warmly inviting you to join us at the next Carpe Diem Club event which will take place at restaurant Gostilna Na Gradu in the Ljubljana castle, on Monday, 18th of October at 20.00. What’s all about: Koppert Cress are miniature plants of great flavours. Their impressive colours, forms and flavours will serve as inspiration to … Continue reading

The miniature kingdom of tastes

The poison is always hidden in the small bottles, people say. But this miniature herbs don’t contain poison. They are the purest experience of beauty and incredible tastes. The company Koppert Cress is bringing the tastes and beauty of the whole world to your plates. The selection of herbs from all over the world is … Continue reading